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A Vintage Find

The first Sunday in August is traditionally the WIEN PICNIC. Wien is a teeny tiny town in Northeast Missouri that was settled by German immigrants. Bob's family settled there and owned a grocery store (in the family 150 years!). The picnic is for the Catholic church to raise funds for the year. There is Bingo, kids games, a craft fair, a quilt drawing, a wonderful meal of roast beef, chicken, cucumbers, mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, corn, fresh tomatoes and the desserts!!! There are 50 desserts to choose from, not including the cookies!

The church has an outreach program called Share and Care. The locals donate gently used clothing, shoes and household items to ship all over the US for families in need. At the Wien Picnic, though, the store is open to the general public (this helps clean out and weed out merchandise to make room for more).

I always find something I cannot live without. This year it was this bag of vintage ornaments. The lady from whom I purchased them said that they were from the 50s and 60s and that she knew that because they were hers! I paid $1 for them.

Ashley got two vintage hats (from the 40s, according to the same lady) for 10 cents each. She was thrilled!
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