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Bustopher, the Cat

I'd like to introduce you to Bustopher, our Russian Blue cat. Just like every cat, he has an odd personality. Bustopher loves his family, but that is it. Our extended family believes we have a cat "in mind only" because he refuses to make a presence when others are near. Even Eric, who has been coming to our home for two years on a regular basis, has petted him only a few times, each time with Bustopher having a hissing fit.

My sister likes to tell of the time when he came up to her, thinking it was me, rubbing his body against her leg. Something told him that she was not who he thought she was and he raised up on two back legs running toward her with the two front legs batting in front of him, hissing and growling. Scared her to death.

Bustopher loves to jump onto a 7 foot walnut wardrobe in our living room and lay down on the baby blanket we have up there. He loves to wait until unsuspecting family members sit down on the sofa and then BAM! he jumps down from the cabinet onto the sofa. I swear he gets great joy of seeing us all jump out of our skins.

We have had Bustopher since 1996. He was a skittish kitten, and has always hated the vet. We used to wrap him up in a towel when we took him in for his shots. Now the vet comes to the car door and gives him his shots through the window. No kidding.

I'd love to hear about your cats and their fun/odd personalities, too!

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  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I LOVE your Cat! I had one years ago. No I have a big fat calico.If you get a chance stop by my new page and take a look at her.

  2. Hey did you meet L.B. my Russian Blue? L.B. isn't shy but really grouchy! He is 11 yo and I have really enjoyed him.

  3. I love your cat! Each one of mine have crazy personalities that I just love. As for the goats milk. I make goat milk soaps for my etsy shop and I make cheese. Goats milk is better than cows milk to drink especially if you are lactose intolerant or have stomach ulcers or allergies. We have had our cat Whiskers since 1998. He was a kitten from my cat and mother kept him till she got too ill and I brought him home with me. If he is inside he will go to the door and cry to go outside to potty. He will not use a litterbox. He will smack me on my nose during the night if I don't hear him cry. Aren't animals the greatest!

  4. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Terri, love the story about your cat. I especially got a kick out of the Vet coming to the car window. I don't have a cat so no stories from me.

  5. Now Terri! Look at Buster looking all innocent! Hmmm....he must have known he was on film! No base jumping from your Armoire?!

  6. I love cats and growing up always had a cat in the house. Hubby isn't much of a cat lover unfortunately as he grew up on a farm and never had indoor pets ~ something I remind him often that he really missed out on something special.
    You can email me about the tiles ~ price and all at shaksm@aol.com.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. I took that picture! Bustopher was on my mom's lap but I guess she cropped herself out of the picture. hahaha. I'm really interested in Peggy's story about goats milk...I'm lactose intolerant but I absolutely love drinking milk. I will have to try goats milk to see if it agrees with my stomach better than cow milk. Thanks for the tip!


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