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Missouri State Fair!

Today, Bob, Ashley, Eric and I are headed to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. I have been going to this fair since I was a young girl. We have gotten into quite a routine, and need to go only a few hours before the concert to see everything we want to see. We go get the freshest chocolate milk, see the butter cow (oh yes, a full sized cow made entirely from butter, wouldn't Paula Deen be proud?), to the Missouri Products display to have Tiger Striped Ice Cream (40% butterfat) and to see what new products Missourians are producing, to the Floral displays, to the Home Ec building to look at the decorated cakes and the quilts, and to the Varied Industries building to look at the displays of knives, plants, sewing machines, hot tubs, choppers, grinders, whatever gadgets are being hawked. We will go to the Budweiser tent to hear some hope-to-bes and then make sure we have time to get a corndog (the best ever) slathered with mustard and fresh out of the grease. Then we are headed to the Grand Stage to see Dierks Bentley and Chris Cagle in concert. We'll get home late but have a grand time!
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