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Happy Blogaversary to me!! It has been a wonderful 633 posts! I hope to continue doing this for many a long year! Here's my first post:

My first blog post

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  1. Terri, Congrats on your blogaversary! Wow, you have certainly done a great job with your frequent posting....I need to "get with it"!

    We got two more inches of snow during the early morning hours. I know the amount cuz I just shoveled one half of our drive....the hubby's half. He was heading off to work and I didn't want him smashing down the snow...making it reeaaly hard to remove later! This snow wasn't very heavy, so it's not a big deal to shovel....cept my fingers were getting really cold. Now that they're warm enough to type, I guess they're warm enough for me to head back outside and shovel.

    Keep the first Friday in Nov. in mind (you can take a personal day! smiling here.) and you and your buds can meet us in Gr. Wood for their open house.... I'll get us a reservation for lunch in the tea room. :)

    I wish you the BEST New Year ever, Terri!


  2. Hi Terri, happy anniversary. I love your sweet blog and you!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Love, Barb

  3. Congratulations on this auspicious occasion! I love to read blogs' first posts...yours was no exception. Ashleigh looks like a twelve-year-old. Such a cute picture.

    Here's to the next four years!

  4. Hi sweet friend!

    Happy Blogaversary! I'm so glad you're blogging.

    I've enjoyed catching up with you tonight. It seems your Christmas was just as busy as ours.

    Happy New Year to you and Bob

    Hugs from the beach!

  5. Happy Blogaversary and Happy New Year, Terri!

  6. Happy blogoversary sweet friend!!! Love you!!! xo


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