Steffes Family Christmas

We were in Wien on Christmas Eve this year. Everyone was there, which is fabulous and I hope it can continue forever! We started out the morning playing Rock Band, Beatles version, which was so much fun! Everyone participated by either singing, playing the drums or the guitar.

We had a fabulous lunch prepared by Joy and Irene. We had Tim's smoked turkey, ham, baked potatoes, corn, biscuits, and homemade noodles. For dessert we had homemade chocolate pie.

Santa came to visit after lunch and brought gifts to Janie, Alex and Adam. They were thrilled!

Our annual gift exchanged was themed Personal Indulgences. Each of us brought a gift that expressed something we would not want to live without! I brought a cookbook and a vintage apron, Bob brought travel books and magazines, Ashley brought OPI nailpolish and Eric brought coffee. We got great gifts in exchange!

The ladies were asked to pick a gift from Irene's closet. We could trade if we wanted to but we all got great things. I received a scrapbook and vintage aprons that belonged to Bob's great grandmother!

After all the festivities we have an annual photo of each of the families. You are seeing ours at the top!

We played games (True Colors) and gabbed a bit before everyone had to leave. Karen and Tim, Susan and Kelley have a four hour drive! It was a fabulous time!

Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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