Christmas Newsletters

I love writing newsletters. I am the only principal I know who writes a weekly one for my school! I decided this year to only do a Christmas blog, but I will make copies of it for my friends who do not use the internet.

You may look at it here:
Bob and Terri Christmas 2009
Terri Steffes
Terri Steffes

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  1. Hi Terri! It was so great to see your comment on my blog tonight! I just came home after completing my LAST sale of the holiday season (it was a great one,too!). It was so nice to read that you're easing back into your work schedule . . . I'm certain the staff and students are thrilled to have you back with them and I'm sure you are very happy to be getting back into your routine.

    I hope the remainder of your weekend is peaceful. L, Dana

  2. Hi Terri, I love the Fifi painting your using as your Christmas header!

    I think that's great that you write a weekly newsletter for your school! I wish they'd do that at my daughter's school - even monthly would be nice!


  3. I love the painting, I had wondered about it. And how cool that you do that newsletter. Why does it not surprise me! You are so talented! Hugs and more healing!

  4. Great idea! I didn't try to comment on them all, but I enjoyed reading your posts.

    Hope your weekend was a good one.


  5. I've never heard of a principal doing a weekly newsletter, either. One of the many reasons as to why you rock!!!


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