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Guy Fieri

Bob and I went to Kansas City with another Lewis and Clark couple to see Guy Fieri, a Food Network star who stars in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. We love that show and his other one, Guy's Big Bite. He's fun and energetic!

Bob surprised me with backstage tickets so we got to meet him! We were given a bag that contained a cookbook and an apron. We asked him to autograph our book.
His "food show" is more like a rock concert! There was music, contests, cocktail making (lots of tequila was used throughout the night!) and occasionally some cooking was going on! He had a DJ, too!

He is just like what he seems to be on TV... a guy who likes to cook and knows how to have fun!

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  1. I'm SOO jealous. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Oh Terri!! I am so totally jealous of this!!! If I didn't love you so much I would cry! *laugh*
    We LOVE Guy here and I am so happy you got to go and to be backstage and meet him!! This is wonderful!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!!


  3. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Oh how cool is that. I love his show on Food Network. Lucky you getting to meet him in person.

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    That is so awesome that you met him plus got an autographed cookbook and apron!!! We love those shows too.

  5. I'm sure that was so much fun - meeting him! He seems like a nice guy. I've watched his show a few times and actually went to a diner he had on the show that's in the next town (hated it) LOL! But we had been wondering about it every time we drove by it. So it was good to just get it out of the way!


  6. We're going next Friday but we're not getting to meet him. Poor here for the moment - ha! Yay for you, though!

  7. Terri you are quite the girl all posed their with Guy...yes, now there's a man that would be handy to have around the kitchen! I am peeved at Blogger, it's not showing your new posts to me! I am going to have to make a habit of coming by daily to check till blogger cleans up its act! Hope you are feeling as well as you look, honeychile!

  8. We love his show!!! What a great time for you! I know you enjoyed so much!

  9. Great photos Terri. You guys know how to have fun.



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