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Herb Disks #Harvesting

My basil was nuts this year and I wanted to take advantage of the surplus by freezing some for winter use.  I found these herb freezing trays from Pampered Chef.  I am a part of a monthly Pampered Chef Club where we each spend $35 a month.  We take turns being the hostess, so we get hostess credits and specials.

So I went out in the morning, and cut out all of the good basil that was left from the bush.  Yep, bush.  It was a banner year for basil!  I brought it in, washed it, dried it, and chopped it up in my Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor.  The chopping was done in seconds. 
I then placed the chopped basil in the basins of the freezing tray, put the lid on them and froze them.  I popped them out of the tray and labeled a ziplock bag and stuck them in the freezer for future use.  I can pop a disk into my pasta sauce or soups to add fresh basil flavor, even in the middle of December.  Fresh herbs are expensive in Missouri in the winter, so this is also a money saver for my family!

I know I am talking a lot about Pampered Chef, but this is not an affliate post, nor did they give me any discount for talking about their products.  I just happen to love them!

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