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Space Freak

I have loved all things space since growing up in the 60s.

Bob loved it, too, and used to shoot rockets in his backyard with his brother.

 I was the President of the Science Club in HS.

 Bob kept all his rockets and even some unused rocket engines in his dad's basement for 40+ years.

 I love the stars.

 I loved the book The Astronaut's Wives Club and watched the premeier series.

 I was the adult leader of the Young Astronauts Club at Lee School. We went to the Cosmosphere in Kansas as a field trip.

We went to the Kennedy Space Center on one of our vacations.

 We stopped at the Alabama US Space and Rocket Center when Ashley was a little girl and ate space ice cream.

 So this was inevitable.

 We are as giddy as little kids.

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