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Photography Challenge #MakeItHappen

I love photography and am always looking for ways to make my photos more fun and exciting on my blog and for Instagram.  I recently had the opportunity to try FotoJet and I was so excited about using this free, online program.  I am a PicMonkey fan so whatever I learned had to be this easy in order for me to take the time to learn it.

First, everything about Fotojet is super easy.  In fact, so easy that I am a bit embarrassed to call this a challenge.  I had decided I would look at all the materials available first so I would go in with a little knowledge.  I only found two three minute YouTube videos, while very short, were helpful.

I next went right to the online site, and from there just started picking which sections I wanted to play with.  I decided to use photos from our recent trip to the beach.  I made this first collage from the section called Templates and then the Modern section.  There are lots of templates to choose from.

The quality of the photos seems to be a lot less than the quality I uploaded, as most of these are professional pictures that we had done while we were in Panama City.  The quotes are the ones that Fotojet had with the collage, but these are easily changed.

The next section was also in Templates and this is in the Classic section.  Again, all I had to do was upload the pictures, center them a little, and add my watermark.  The quotes are Fotojet's.  

There are some really fun things to do like, make a cartoon, greeting cards and magazine covers.  All that are easy to find and to do.  

Magazine cover

I did not try to make this funny!
Other features I liked:  there is a tab on the editing button that allows for you to upload your own fonts.  Yippee!  I also liked that when photo editing, there were several filters you could choose to enhance your photos.  All very easy to apply.

Overall, this "challenge" was quite easy and fun, and I will be using this program for more sophisticated photos for my blog.  I love their templates and how easy everything was.  I am looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for us!

Go and check out the other photography challenges by the "MakeItHappen" hosts.  You will learn a lot this month!

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