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Fresh Peach Daiquiri

When peaches are available in abundance, it is time to make Peach Daiquiris~ and here is a simple and delicious recipe that you will love. The full flavor of the peach, the sunshine and the sweetness. The juices have a viscosity to them that is a little thinner than syrup. At its peak ripeness, the flesh will be soft and be less tart than an unripe peach.  I eat them like an apple, with my head over the sink.

I love my frozen drinks, so it was easy to decide to make this one frozen!  When I was making these delicious drinks, it was in the 90s and the drink was so refreshing and cooling. 

Here's how to make a Fresh Peach Daiquiri

2 oz rum, Malibu is a good one!
3 oz sweet and sour
1/2 fresh peach, sliced, one slice reserved
1 c ice

Place all ingredients in your blender.  The drink should be smooth and no ice bits hanging around.  Garnish with another fresh peach slice or mint (we are so loaded with mint that I chose mint for our garnish, oh, and I ate the leftover slice.

Make a pitcher of these lovelies by multiplying all the ingredients by four.

Some fun daiquiri facts....

Earnest Hemmingway and John F. Kennedy both stated that daiquiris were their favorite cocktails.

The daiquiri is name for a beach found in Cuba.

The developer of the daiquiri was Jennings Cox, an engineer and in Cuba during the Spanish American War.

FDR's Good Neighbor Policy allowed for rum to be brought from Cuba and neighboring islands to the states during a time when vodka and whiskey were hard to find, due to the rationing of sugar.

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