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Individual Peach Short Cakes

In my third of a series about peaches, I wanted to share with you a quick and simple recipe that is perfect for a crowd.  These Individual Peach Short Cakes are a fabulous way to use fresh peaches, which are at the top of their season, right now!

My daughter made these for a book club event she attended recently.  She needed to take a dessert and wanted something a little different from cake, brownies or cookies.  We had just went to a local farm stand and had bought these great peaches. 

This isn't so much of a recipe as it is an assemblage.  To recreate this dessert, peel and chop 1/2 peach per person.  Keep the juices.  Set aside.  Make homemade whipped cream, or use cool whip or even the whipped cream from the can.  I know some people have made a whipped topping from coconut milk and that would be great, too!  Next, use a store bought shortcake, southern style biscuit, or a homemade shortcake that you love.

Layer in this order:  in a decorative container, or even a throw away one like the one Ashley used,  crumble up the shortcake or biscuit in the bottom.  Next, spoon peaches and juice over the biscuits.  Top with whipped topping of your choice.

This is such a simple dessert that really shows off the fresh peaches.  You will want to use this recipe over and over.  Be sure to use the ripest peaches available to you!

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