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Friday Favorites #11

Hello, friends!

 My work week was a little crazy and in fact, I was away from home for two nights.  I am just got back on Thursday and attended a Books and Booze Party within minutes of coming in the door!  Today I am driving two hours north for a one hour meeting!  That's crazy, too! 

Our weekend plans are so fun!  A dear friend is celebrating her 40th birthday with a party at the Wine Bar here in my community!  Cannot wait to celebrate her!  My husband's band plays at a new place on Saturday and on Sunday I am going to see Crazy Rich Asians with some friends.  I'll be gearing up for another busy work week next week!

Golf Cart Tour

There is a canal that runs through the middle of our community.  The canal opens into two small ponds and goes under several bridges.  I am standing on the bridge where the canal splits into two ponds.  You can see one of the bridges and a nondenominational chapel in the background.  

New Town at Saint Charles

New Starbucks Drink

I read about a new Starbucks drink that is Keto friendly.  I don't think it has a name, but here is how you make it:  Unsweet Peach Citrus White Tea, 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla and a dash of heavy cream, blended.  It takes like a peach milkshake, it's that good.  This is a low carb, high fat drink, which is what makes it Keto.  It has about 50 calories, and 5 g of fat.

Unsweetened Peach Citrus Tea Keto Style

 Gathering with Friends

I was fortunate that one of the nights I was away from home was the night that my dear friends were celebrating the upcoming wedding of Kristy, Denise's daughter. Having dinner with this circle is always such a blessing for me!

Have you heard of Rachel Hollis??

That's kind of a silly question, as she is the hottest thing on the internet right now.  I just finished her book Girl, Go Wash Your Face.  I highly recommend the book and suggest that you get on that right now.  She will rock your world!

Have you heard of Lindsay Sutton and her Essentially Momming Blog?

Lindsay is my friend and neighbor and started her blog this past January.  She has an incredibly fun and humorous blog. A picture she posted on her Facebook page got the attention of Huffington Post and several other news outlets.  I highly suggest that you go and check out her blog and Facebook page!

Go and have a great weekend and then come back and rule the week!  Thanks for coming and reading each week, it truly makes my whole week!

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