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Friday Favorites #12

Hello, friends!

I survived the work week and now I am going to treat myself and my family to a week long vacation to Palm Springs, California!  I cannot wait to share our trip with you in future posts.  What are your plans for this Labor Day Weekend?

I have had a blast collecting things to share with you this week. Did you know that September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?  I did not, but I do believe that it is something that women should know, so I wrote a post on it and am giving away tickets to the Cardinals/Dodgers baseball game on September 4 to promote it.  The drawing is TOMORROW, so be sure to comment on my blog here to enter!


I am in love with my newest subscription:  MightyFIX.  Each month you will be sent one amazing green product that helps strengthen the environment. This month I got 3 dryer balls which will cut my usage of dryer sheets.  Listen to this:  A car would fail an emissions test if its exhause were the same air that comes out of most dryer vents when using chemical dryer sheets.  Read that again.  Scary thought.  These dryer balls are 100% New Zealand wool. By using these I am going to save 25% more energy, use 1000 less dryer sheets and contribute 0 toxins to the air.  Yay me!

Join up here!  (not an affiliate, just love the product!)  The cost is $10 a month but use this code 


to get $7 off your first month!  Isn't that awesome!

Rich Crazy Asians

Have you seen this movie yet?  It is the Movie-of-the-Summer!  I went with a few girlfriends and we just had a blast!  Let me say this:  We Americans have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to weddings!  I highly recommend this movie!

Apolis Market Bags

I am in love with these bags!  You have to go to their Instagram page and look at the crazy cute sayings people are personalizing them with.  Too, too, cute.  Can't wait to get one, but I can't come up with that perfect saying.  Of course!!!  Instagram at @apolis

It's waterproof (the website says you can use it as a cooler!) and can support 100 pounds AND is supposed to last for eight  years.  That makes it a bargain, even at $60+ !

Bedroom Redo

I have been in my house for five years and had the same bedding the entire time. It was white, pretty but looking rather ragged. It was also a bit formal for the room.  Our house has a beach attitude to it, which means that it is subtle not in your face. I found this spread at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 30% off and I think I am liking it!  The decorative pillows might need to be changed out... still debating.  I love that one of the stripes matches the bedroom paint colors and the blue is the same as in my master bathroom and walk in closet! I'd love to know what you think!!

Have a happy Labor Day weekend and I will be back in touch after our trip to Palm Springs! 

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