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Friday Favorites #10

Welcome back to my Friday Favorites!  I had a nice and quiet work week, which is good, because next week will be busy!  Our weekend is TOO full.  Have you had weekends like that?  Listen to this:  On Friday I am headed to an art fair from 4-5, then to dinner wih friends from 6:30-8:00 then to hear my husband's band from 8-midnight.  On Saturday I am going to a daylily sale, to a friend's anniverary celebration (she lives 2 hours from me) and then to scout out some bars for my husband's band.  On Sunday, I (hope) I am heading to see Cyndi Lauper and Rod Stewart in concert!  That's nuts, right?

Ok, so given this weekend, I am trying to do all kinds of things to get ready for my busy work week next week today.  Do you operate like that, too?  I sometimes get so stressed about my organization (or really, lack of) that I really wish I had my own administrative assistant. JK, or maybe, not?

Let me share with you my goodies from this week:

Golf Cart Tour

Our neighborhood has an organic farm and this week the sunflowers were blooming!  So my daughter, her husband and I headed over to snap some pictures.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

You can see a little of the farm in the background!

What I am Reading

My daughter has a book blog, Hasty Book List, that features author interviews, articles on reading and books and book reviews.  She was asked to be the interviewer at a Saint Louis Library this week, who happened to be Fiona Davis, the author of The Masterpiece  (which I am reading now) and two other books.  All her books are set in a New York City building.  The Masterpiece is set in Grand Central Station.  The research she does is incredible.  Ashley has an online book club on her blog, and Fiona will be present to answer questions about her book!  

Ashley is on the left, Fiona on the right.

My Favorite Snack, lately

First off, you have to know that I adore ice cream and can eat it nonstop all day long.  That being said, I have been trying to find an alternative that isn't so bad for me!  I just tried Enlightened and it is a nice alternative.  Only 360 calories for the entire container.  I found that I only needed to eat about 1/3 of the container to be satisfied, which is awesome! 

Next week on the blog

I have two book reviews coming up on the blog next week, one called Crack Yourself Up, Jokes for Kids and A Rumored Fortune.  The first is a perfect back-to-school gift as you will see in my post and the second is a great historical fiction romance read.  I will be sharing my Peach Daquiri recipe and a wreath I crafted from supplies from Dollar Tree!  Hope you will come and visit!

Have a wonderful weekend, you all!  I'd love to hear your plans for the weekend, too!  

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