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3 Reasons to Deal with Your Clutter

When it comes to decluttering, there are several different reasons people have. Here, we take a look at some of the top reasons you may want to give up some of your clutter.

You’re Moving!

Moving house is a very emotional thing and something which most of us do only a few times in our lifetimes. You may be leaving the area and starting a whole new life, or you may be downsizing after the children have left home. Whatever your reason for moving, this is an ideal opportunity to get a clutter-free home. It is important to do this before hiring a moving company, especially long distance moving companies, otherwise, you are simply going to move your clutter with you, which will cost loads over long distances.

A tidy home equals a tidy mind, or so they say, but more than that it equals maximizing your chances of a sale. When you are selling your home you need to showcase it in the best possible light. This means clearing out the clutter to give buyers the best chance of seeing your home as they want it to be. So you need to spend as much time as possible sorting all the family’s possessions into different categories; what to keep, what to recycle or sell and what to throw away.

All the stuff which is to leave your house, either for the recycling center or the charity shop, should be taken out as soon as possible before you change your mind! Once you have decided what to keep make sure you package all these items and store them safely either in a self-storage facility or out of the way in your garage, for example.

You Could Make Money

It is possible that you won’t discover a long-lost Rembrandt amongst your possessions but that doesn’t mean your things are worthless. Even day-to-day items like children’s toys and outgrown clothes will sell. eBay and garage sales are great outlets for all those old items that you no longer use. Any money made could be used to treat yourself to a day out or even a family holiday.

Clutter-free is Healthier

Take a good look around your home. Go into each room of the house and take note of just how much stuff there is on your shelves and in your cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes. Then think honestly about how much of it you actually use or even need. The chances are that by the time you’ve finished your inventory you will have noticed just how much dust there is and how difficult it is to move everything to clean around, under and in between.

Then imagine how much easier your life would be without all that extra moving and cleaning of items that you never use. De-cluttering can clear your mind and decrease your stress levels whilst having fewer things to attract dust will undoubtedly improve your health and well-being.

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