Top 5 New Arrivals at the Dollar Store for Gardening

I'm gearing up for my crafting and parties for the Spring season and of course, I think of Dollar Tree for those needs.  I love ordering online with Dollar Tree, too.  Have you seen their Pick and Pack page?  It allows you to pick the number of items you want, and they will pack it and send it to you!

Tin bucket from Dollar Tree

Here are the goodies I am sending for:

Gardening Hooks

Flower Pail

Gardening Gloves

Tin Planter

Foam Handled Gardening Tools

I'm creating some gift baskets for the annual Garden Tour that my neighborhood hosts each year.  I'll need to make 4-5 for the drawings we do.  I'll add a few little plants for transferring into their own gardens.  What do you think?  We also create wreaths for raffling, but that is another post!

Please consider purchasing these delightful tools from Our Good Life.  We make a small commission but your prices stay the same!  Thank you!
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