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The Best of 2018

It is so important to take the time to review all the good things from the past year before planning your new year.  I'm excited about all the posts that you loved.  I'm ready to celebrate!  Here are the most loved blog posts from the blog this year:

Cake, flowers and a woman in a blue tee

Good Food

Rustic Keto Cake  This cake was the top post of the year! Delicious vanilla cake with a low carb rating.  My daughter's 33 birthday cake!

Cold Brew I think this post had good timing! Learn how to make cold foam!

Spinach Baked Ravioli This is comfort food like you've never seen!  So good and creamy.

Home and Gardening

Salad Bowl Planting  This post is popular every year!  I'm ready to plant this year's bowl already!
Summer Cutting Garden  I love my cutting garden and so do you!  I'm planning my summer garden now!


Visiting Anna Maria Island I fell in love with this Florida island. Introduced to me by a friend, I am sure I will spend a few weekends there this summer!
Vacationing at Christmas  We started traveling at Christmas and this is our best advice for making Christmas travel success!


Ovarian Cancer  As a breast cancer survivor with a lot of support, I wanted to support women going through another type of cancer, and so did you!
A New Way to see the Doctor  I shared a new idea in treating illness and you loved it!
Sweetheart of a Porch I love sharing my home and this post makes me think I should do it more often!

What made your Good Things list?  Share those in the comments!

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