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10 Reasons to Visit Indonesia

Indonesia has something for everyone – it’s no wonder that it’s one of the fastest growing travel destinations. Here are just 10 incredible reasons to visit Indonesia.

The beaches

There’s no shortage of beaches in Indonesia – the country has almost 55,000 km of coastline due to being made up largely of islands.

Bali is one of the most popular beach destinations in Indonesia featuring pristine white sands. Those looking to sunbathe or party can head down to the buzzing Seminyak beach, whilst Nyang Nyang beach is a popular site for Instagrammers due to its multiple shipwrecks and secluded feel.

Those looking for unusual beaches meanwhile can head to Flores. Here you’ll find the exotic Pink beach (which really is pink as a result of its coral-infused sand) as well as Padar Island (which features a number of coves with incredible mountain views).

The weather

Indonesia has the perfect weather to match its perfect beaches. Because it’s equatorial position, it’s hot all year round. In fact, unless you’re visiting the mountains, you’re unlikely to experience temperatures of less than 75  ͦF! Kuta has been known for its good weather except for the monsoon season but due to its beaches and restaurants, it has been one of the best destinations in Indonesia. With a little help from Tabi Together, here is the best area to stay in Kuta if you will be visiting soon.

Monsoons are common between November and March, so bear this in mind if you don’t want the rain.

The wildlife

There’s some truly unique wildlife to explore in Indonesia. It’s a popular destination for divers due to its diverse marine wildlife and spectacular reefs. Its rainforests are meanwhile home to all kinds of creatures from tigers to monkeys.

The notorious Komodo dragon is one famous creature that is indigenous only to Indonesia. It’s the largest lizard in the world and is known for its deadly bite, capable of killing a water buffalo in minutes. You can take tours to Komodo island where you can see these mighty creatures in the wild.

Another creature worth seeing in Indonesia is the orang-utan. This endangered and beautiful ape can be found swinging through the trees in Borneo. There are a number of orphanages and rehabilitation centers here that you can visit too to get up close to these amazing animals.

The volcanoes

Indonesia has more volcanoes than any other country on the planet. Many are these are possible to climb, and some are even active.

Mount Bromo is the most popular volcanoes to visit. It has long had religious significance and is known for its incredible views. Most people climb the mountain overnight in order to view the sunrise from the top.

Indonesia is also home to Krakatoa, which is known to have produced one of the most violent eruptions in recorded history. You can visit Krakatoa, although it comes with a certain degree of risk – it is known to regularly erupt, at which times you won’t find any tours operating.

The food

Those that love their food will also love the cuisine on offer in Indonesia. The Indonesians are lovers of their spicy foods including famous dishes such as beef rendang and satay. Fish is also popular around much of the country – pempek is one famous fish dish you should definitely try.

Those looking for fine dining can find top quality restaurants in many of the country’s cities and tourists destinations. The local markets meanwhile offer street food that is better suited for those backpacking on a budget.

The history

Indonesia has a vast history and there plenty of historic sites worth visiting around the country.

It’s firstly home to the largest Buddhist temple in the world – the 9th-century temple of Borobodur. This is a popular tourist site and is best visited with a guide so that you can learn about the temple’s history. Prambanan is another temple worth visiting that is almost as vast.

Maimun Palace meanwhile is a more recent historical attraction, located in Medan and built in 1888. The architecture of the building is a unique blend of Malay, Indian, Italian, Spanish and Persian influence. Tours are available during certain times of the year when the palace is not in use.

The cities

Those looking for a contrast from the natural wonders and historic sites should definitely try heading to one of the country’s cities where you can experience the buzzing modern life of Indonesia.

The sprawling city of Jakarta is one of the largest and most diverse cities on the planet. You’ll find influences of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab and European culture here in the architecture, food, and fashion. There are high-end malls and bustling markets for shopping at and numerous landmarks including the National Monument.

Yogyakarta meanwhile offers a more laid-back vibe. This city has a more romantic charm due to its older architecture and exciting mix of tradition and modern culture. It has many festivals and craft markets, many of which stay open at night.    

The nightlife

Indonesia also has no shortage of places to party. Most of the cities and beach towns have a diversity of bars and clubs to visit, as well as plenty of places to eat at night.

Jakarta is undoubtedly the party capital. It has a number of glamorous upmarket clubs that attract famous DJs as well as plenty of cheaper bars. Make sure to find somewhere with a rooftop terrace so that you can take in the spectacular views of the city as you drink.

Bali meanwhile is definitely the place to go for a beach party. You’ll find bars around many of its beaches catered at all demographics.

The cost

One of the great things about traveling to Indonesia is that it’s relatively cheap. Flying there can be expensive, but once you’re there you’ll find that everything a lot less expensive than in the west. Renting an apartment is very affordable, whilst getting around is also cheap (tuk-tuks are a great option). It’s popular for backpackers because of its affordability – whilst there are some high-end hotels and attractions, most of Indonesia is well suited for those on a tight budget.

The people

Last but not least, the people of Indonesia are friendly and fascinating. The culture is a mix of various influences, resulting in unique customs and traditions. The people are very welcoming and you’re certain to get a warm reception wherever you go.  

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  1. Some of our sons friends are heading over to Indonesia and it is because of the cheaper cost for the trip. Will have to send them this post don't want them to miss out seeing anything.

  2. I would LOVE to go here and learn more about the culture. I know I'd be all about the beaches and the history.

  3. omg WOW this is amazing and incredible- ive never been here before but i love all the history and the beaches you shared- def on my list now!

  4. I never realized there were so many great reasons to visit Indonesia. The beaches are calling my name! I'd love to visit some day.

  5. Indonesia is definitely on the top of my list of places I wanna visit. There are so many beautiful places to check out there. I love everything you mentioned in this post.

  6. You had me at beaches! I grew up in Southern California and while that is nowhere near the beauty of beaches in other places it completely warped my sense of fun. If we go on vacation and there is no beach it does not feel like a vacation to me. Indonesia would be an amazing place to get to explore!

  7. I'm not much of a traveler, but Indonesia seems like a beautiful and interesting place to visit. My daughter loves to travel, I think she would love Indonesia.

  8. Sounds like a fabulous place to visit. I love the beach and warm weather is always good as far as I'm concerned.

  9. Oh yes, Indonesia is on my list! I love that there are lots of beautiful places to see!

  10. It's my dream to travel outside of the country more and Indonesia would be one of the places I'd love to visit. One of the top places I'd love to visit when there is Nyang Nyang beach.

  11. Indonesia is our neighboring country, but I've never been there. Would love to go to someday and explore Bali. =Lynndee

  12. I have honestly never thought of visiting Indonesia but now you have it on my radar. I didn't realize there were so many beaches and volcanoes! I am going to have to add Indonesia to my travel bucket list now! Thank You!

  13. There really are so many neat things to do in Indonesia. It would be fun to check it out and see the different sights.

  14. Hi.
    really nice information, very helpful.
    here check this out from bali to ijen bromo yogyakarta, there is some place you can visit in Indonesia beside Komodo Island.



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