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Common Plumbing Issues in the Winter

Now that autumn is almost here officially, it is time to say goodbye to the warm climates for another year and welcome cozy sweaters, hot chocolates, and festivities. The colder season of the year is always a fun one, and there are many benefits to the cooler climate that we can enjoy.
 When it comes to the home though, winter is a time where challenges and obstacles arise, and one of the biggest ones is plumbing. The plumbing system of a home is almost like the blood vessels which run through our body. It is important for us to maintain a healthy plumbing system in order to supply the home with fresh and hot water, and today we will take a look at some of the main issues which you may face in the winter.

Frozen pipes 

The most common issue which can arise in the winter in terms of plumbing is frozen pipes. When the temperature drops below a certain level, our water pipes will start to freeze over and this will cause the water inside to turn to ice. If the oncoming water pipes experience this issue, the house won’t get a supply of water at all. Before you call emergency all hours plumbing service, you can help prevent this issue by wrapping your pipes with insulation and this should prevent them from freezing over! 

Broken water lines

 One of the common issues in the home in winter is a broken water line, and this is caused directly by frozen water pipes. As we already mentioned above, if the temperature drops below a certain level this will cause ice to form in your water pipes and block the flow of water to the home. However, as well as this you might suffer breakage. If the water pipes stay blocked for a long while, the pressure will build up as water tries to flow into the home. When this doesn’t work, then BOOM!
 Broken Heating
 Whenever there are a hot summer and a warm period, we don’t use our heating system. If the home is warm every day there is no need to switch on the thermostat and this can leave us with months and months without using it. However, after a period of inactivity, we may try to overwork the boiler, and this will consequently cause the boiler to break. Of course, this will leave us without the ability to he3at out homes and this is the biggest nightmare to face in the winter. 
Broken down water heater
 As well as the heating system ceasing to work during the cold period, this can also happen to the water heater. We need water heaters to provide us with hot showers and washing up water, but when the weather is below zero, this can put a strain on the water heater and cause it to overload and break. The idea of not having a hot shower on a cold day is a nightmare, so make sure you try to avoid this by wrapping the water heater up as well as the pipes which lead to it! 

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