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Delta One Food Service-Delicious and Hot

My family and I are all in Spain traveling together for leisure.  We had the opportunity to fly first class with Delta and decided we needed to do this. We had heard about Delta One's service to Europe and wanted to see first hand how good it really was!

After getting settled into our seats, (the ones that recline forward and lay flat, another post!) we grabbed the menu and started looking at the main meal choices, as one of the first questions that is asked, besides which welcome drink do you want, champagne or orange juice (both, please!) is what you want for dinner.  Choices were a peppered bistro steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe topped with a savory gravy, panko remoulade crusted chicken breast over creamy orzo pasta served with a pea salad, low country shrimp and grits, she-crab cream, holy trinity, and topped with bacon jam. and an autumn vegetable tortellini with tomato sauce, lemon herb ricotta all topped with kale pesto. Both of us opted for the peppered bistro steak.

Dinner serve gets started pretty quickly once the plane is in the air. Drinks come around first, you can get a cocktail, wine or soft drink. They serve Fresca, which I love, so I opted for that. My husband had the choice of an Italian or California red. I know he chose a merlot and was happy with it. You are given a small bowl of warmed mixed nuts to munch on. Next comes a starter tray. On it comes a baby gem lettuce and radicchio salad, pumpkin coconut soup, and two savory pimento cheese thumbprint crackers. A variety of bread is served (your choice) with good butter.  The pumpkin coconut soup was incredible. It was sweet, it was spicy and creamy, and we loved every drop.  I was eager to try the thumbprint crackers (because, pimento cheese) but they were underwhelming with a cheese that did not remind me of pimento.  The salad was fresh and the bread was warm and delicious.

That's a lot of food already, but you have plenty of time to eat it because they are serving the other 40 guests on Delta One.  By the time you finish, they are starting to come around with the main dish.  The seat tray is covered with a cloth napkin, and your silver serve (no plastic here!) is bundled with a silver napkin holder.  Your main dish comes out piping hot!  Our peppered bistro steak was more of a roasted beef but it was delicious, melt in your mouth good. The sauce was well seasoned and the potatoes were fresh.  It was a highly satisfactory meal.

We're not finished yet.  Dessert is next and you have a choice between a vanilla sea salt ice cream sundae with your choice of chocolate sauce, vanilla pecans, and a whiskey caramel sauce.  Whipped cream?  Sure!  There was also a pecan bar served on a shortbread crust with chantilly cream poured on top and the last option is a small cheese selection of white cheddar and bleu cheese, grapes and buttermilk crackers. I had the sundae and my husband did the cheese tray.

All the while, drinks are continually flowing and you can opt for a different drink with your meal. The attendants make the whole thing look effortless, even when a disgruntled passenger wanted to pass by the drink cart. Everyone knows you don't pass the drink cart!

While we were exceptionally pleased with our meal, there were a few who sent back their dish, complaining that it wasn't cooked properly.  We both agreed that ours was prepared with our satisfaction in their minds.

Attendants stopped by all through the night with bottles of water.  An hour before landing, a light breakfast was served. Choices were banana oatmeal, sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, or a pastry selection of a muffin, scone or croissant.  A cup of fresh fruit was served with your selection.  While this was more typical "airline food" it was hot and nourishing.

On our return trip, the food was wonderful as well!  Here are a few shots of the food from the return trip.
Hot nuts and cocktails after we are in the air.

Poached lemongrass shrimp with a little gem caesar salad, bread, and tomato basil soup

Fried salmon with Vizcaina sauce, leek cake, cherry tomato and broccolini
Grilled beef tenderloin, with potato gratin, onions, blanched radishes, and sauce bearnaise

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  1. We flew Delta when we went to London last month. My family was SO impressed with the service and the food on the flight.

  2. This food does look delicious! I'm usually in coach. They usually toss nuts to us back there. I would love to fly first class one day.

    1. You made me laugh. We typically fly coach and will go back to flying coach.

  3. I fly all the time and next time I going to choose Delta. So many complain about airplane food, but this looks great.

  4. I definitely need to do this next time I travel. I am going somewhere internationally next summer and I would love to be able to be spoiled like this while I'm flying.

  5. Delta CLASSING IT UP!! These meals actually look legit tasty!!

  6. The food looks like something you would get in a nice restaurant! The seats look comfortable as well!

  7. OK now that looks like good food, I wouldn't have thought it would have been on an airline at all!

  8. how cool! Sounds like a fantastic experience. Totally see the difference between coach and first class service. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers8:50 PM

    I haven't ever flown overseas and the last time I was on a plane was in 2001. The food looks delicious. I'm just curious if the seats were comfy enough to sleep on. I'd love to travel overseas one day but I have chronic pain and just not sure if I can handle a long flight.

  10. wow! What an awesome dinner! I can use the plane every day just to have a dinner like that, better than at the restaurant!

  11. Looks like a really good service! All the food looks so delicious!

  12. Wow! I haven't seen airline food that great in a long time. Every dish looks wonderful. I had no idea that Delta served meals like that. And all that leg room makes me want to fly Delta One first class!

  13. So that's what first class travel looks like! I've only flown a couple of times but next time I'm going first class. The food looks amazing! (Rena)

  14. Wow it looks like you had some great food. I haven't taken a plane in a number of years but we always loved Delta airlines.

  15. I have never tried to have a first class travel and wow, they're service are really great and everything that they've served are delicious, I am sure you've enjoyed every minute.


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