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What I Want from a Cafe Experience

Anyone who is interested in the arts or any form of simple relaxation will often find themselves right at home in the cafe atmosphere. We know the places we prefer. We might even enjoy sitting in Starbucks or other corporate options, but we know those aren’t the places that feel the most welcoming. It’s usually the independent, home-run cafes that have their own style, their own presence that brings us to the table quite comfortable and could allow us to spend an entire day lazily reading a book and drinking coffee there.

If you hope to run a cafe like this, doing so could help you put your own spin on things. But it’s important to understand how to give your cafe that wonderful, warm atmosphere in the first place, lest you become as neutral and sterile as all of the other corporate offerings you may have to contend with. Thankfully, your tastes and interests can often work well in this setting and give you more of a chance to explore your authorial intent.

Let us consider what that might look like:


A cafe that is too bright and clinical can sometimes seem overbearing, but one that has an ambiance with warm lighting or by using great cafe blinds to manage the sunlight glare can be one worth sitting in. A little music such as smooth jazz, comfortable seating, an ad-hoc sense of decoration and many communal areas to sit as well as solo areas for reading and contemplation can all be worthwhile, and will help the ambiance flow. The ambiance is in the relaxed yet professional uniforms of your staff, of the way your door is always open, and how you use your exterior space to greet those who may wish to come in. It all makes a difference, it just depends on your approach.

Become A Conduit

Becoming a conduit for local culture can be a great idea. You might allow certain brands to come to an off-mic night you run one night a week, or perhaps you may allow theatre companies and student artists to display their work, sell tickets or play in your venue. Of course, not all cafes are large enough for this kind of inquiry, but opening your doors to the community will help it become more of a relaxing place for you to enjoy each day. After all, if you’re not having fun running it, why bother?

Do Something Different

It can be that if someone wants a cheap coffee, they can get it from anywhere else. Of course, you should offer this, but perhaps a range of herbals teas, of import or local foods or coffees that might not be found elsewhere can help people come for your unique inventory. You’d be surprised just how powerful this can be, and just how many might appreciate your unique approach.

With this in mind, you’re certain to give your lovely cafe a wonderful, warm atmosphere.

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  1. I would love to own a café! I think that you are right about making it unique as that is what draws people in. I find that my friends and I love the locally owned shops that we find when we are on vacation.

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