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10 Ways to make your home an unbreakable fortress

If you want to feel safe inside your home and have peace of mind when you can’t be there, you need to work on making it as safe as possible. Here, you can find 10 ways to make your home an unbreakable fortress - you’ll keep criminals out, and ensure you have nothing to worry about when you can’t be there. Read on:

Make Sure There’s Nowhere To Hide
Make sure you’re not being generous by giving intruders somewhere to hide outside. You need to be careful with things like bushes and fencing - it doesn’t mean you can’t have these things, but you don’t want to create blind spots where you might miss somebody hiding.

Install High-Quality Alarms
High-quality rapid alarms will ensure everybody is notified should somebody try to break into your home. This should be deterrent enough for any criminal to leave the scene quickly without causing damage or taking something.

Invest in CCTV
CCTV is always a deterrent for criminals - make sure you are covered all around the house, and that the cameras cannot easily be broken or tampered with. Bear in mind that sometimes, even fake cameras can be a deterrent as many criminals just won’t want to risk it.

Have The Right Lighting
The right lighting outside your home ensures any hiding places are lit up. Having sensor lights ensures that they come on whenever somebody approaches your home, giving you a heads up and becoming a deterrent.

Use Signs
There’s no reason that your CCTV or any other deterrent you have should be secret. Don’t leave criminals to find out for themselves that you have these things installed. Many people like to use ‘beware of the dog’ signs even if they don’t have one and make sure you tell criminals you have CCTV (even if you don’t). Signs will ensure that criminals don’t even try it, even if they miss the physical cameras.

Strengthen Windows And Doors
Take a look at your windows and doors and figure out if there’s any way you can strengthen them. You might want to change the locks if you haven’t done so already, or even replace them entirely if they are old. You need to be especially careful of sliding doors, as many criminals can get these open with ease.

Get A Dog
Of course, you should only get a dog if this is a good choice for your family. Dogs are a lot of hard work, require attention, stimulation, exercise, and a sizable monetary commitment. However, if you can do that, then getting a dog may be the extra deterrent you need. If your dog barks whenever somebody approaches the house, it’ll often make a criminal think twice (especially when you have everything else here in place).

Use Apps And Smart Systems
Apps and smart systems are some of the best security investments you can make. Smart systems can make it look like you’re home when you’re not, allowing you to control things like the lights and curtains remotely from an app. You can do this whether you’re late home from work, on vacation, or enjoying a weekend away. People will never know that you’re not home, and it’ll give you extra peace of mind.

Don’t Let People Know When You Go On Vacation
Don’t advertise to the world when you go on vacation. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, for example, do you know all of them well? If not, you could be inviting thieves to try it with your home. You might think this is farfetched, but stranger things have happened. If you value your home, keep your vacations to yourself until you return home.

Get Involved In Neighborhood Watch
Get involved in neighborhood watch - discuss what you can do with your neighbors. When they go on vacation, keep an eye out for them and they will do the same for you. When the whole neighborhood is always on high alert for one another, it’ll make a difference to the safety of your home and neighborhood overall. 

Secure Your Garage
We spend a lot of time thinking about the security of our home but often overlook our garage. We very often fill our garage with expensive items such as power tools, you may even have cars and bikes in there. Invest in a good automatic garage door that is going to be hard to break into from Closing Time Garage Doors

If you want to make your home an unbreakable fortress, make sure you follow the advice above.

However, you may also want to do the following, to be safe:

  • Invest in a sturdy safe to store your valuables.
  • Get an appropriate home insurance cover.
  • Create a decoy, such as an old, worthless laptop near your front door, or an envelope with a little cash and some costume jewelry in your bedside table. Criminals won’t want to hang around!

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Put wooden dowels in the sides of the windows to keep them from opening also paint them the color of of your windows so they can not be spotted easily.

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    If you're going to leave money as a decoy, fake money would be advisable.

  3. Anonymous1:08 AM

    Buy some crappy, old laptop at a garage sale, flea mkt, etc. and put an Apple Air Pod tracking device in it for the thieves to take with them. Same with an Amazon box for porch pirates. Pepper Spray alarms, Google them. Non-lethal booby traps- make your fenced yard and home a maze of "inconvenient" hazards that only trespassers will befall. Think "Home Alone" on STEROIDS!


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