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Eco-friendly living has never been easier

If you're a homeowner, ecofriendly living has never been more effortless. The rise of high technology and falling prices mean that practically everyone can achieve eco-friendly living. All you need is a little knowledge, and you're all set to create a home that is not only fabulous but also respects the environment too. 

Here are some of the reasons that eco-friendly living is within your reach. You don't need to go and live in a commune in the woods.
Water-Saving Technology Is Now Mainstream

In the past, it wasn't straightforward to find technologies that would allow you to save water in the bathroom and kitchen. Most appliances, fittings, and fixtures did little to rein in the amount that they used. That wasn't their goal.
But as consumers became more concerned with falling water tables and rising utility prices, manufacturers changed. All of a sudden, they began churning out dozens of products designed to reduce the amount of water that your home uses. These innovations included things like low-flow taps, low-flow showers, dishwashers that use less than 25 liters in a cycle, and toilets that use very little water if any when flushing.
Water-saving technologies, therefore, can help homeowners dramatically reduce the ecological impact of their properties to an enormous extent. There's no longer any need to get through gallons of water every day. More judicious use of resources leads to much lower costs and less depletion of freshwater reservoirs.
Green Energy Plans Replace Traditional Bills

People are now more concerned with where their energy comes from than ever before. Fewer people want to get their electricity from coal-fired power plants if they can help it, with more turning to renewable sources, like wind and solar.
Today, you can get prepaid electricity deals where suppliers will guarantee that all your energy comes from green sources. In other words, you don't have to go to the bother of installing solar panels on your roof or building a wind turbine. You just call up your supplier and tell them that you want all your electricity from renewables. The money you pay then provides the additional resources the energy company needs to build out its wind and solar network, helping to reduce the overall CO2 emissions of the economy.
Attic Insulation Is Improving

Your home loses the majority of its heat through your attic. Warm air rises, hits the ceiling, travels through it into the loft space, and then out through the roof. Most attics have some form of insulation, but not a huge amount - and certainly not enough to make a difference to annual bills.
That, however, is all changing with the rise of improvements in attic insulation technology. Today, installers put in up to a foot of insulating foam in the gap between your floorboards and the ground boards in your attic - if you have them. Estimates suggest that this can reduce your bills by around 25 percent, cutting your carbon emissions at the same time.

How good is that? Going green has never been easier.

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