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6 Top tips for spring cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, and so many of you will be thinking about your big spring clean. While seen as a chore by many, spring cleaning can be a fun and rewarding experience.

There is nothing quite like a house after a thorough deep clean. It can transform your mood and uplift the whole family as you move into summer.

Here are some tips for your spring clean this year.

1. Get Organized and Create a Schedule

The biggest reason people hate cleaning is that they lack a plan. Having a schedule helps to break down each individual task into a manageable chunk. Once you can see what needs to be done, you can assign each task to date and a person. 

Spring cleaning is a process and shouldn’t bee attempted in one day. Not only will this stress you out, but the standard of your cleaning will also suffer.

2. Go Minimal

Minimalism is all the rage right now and for a good reason. Clutter is not essential, and it is making your house feel busy and stressful. This year, get rid of anything you don’t need from your home that is collecting dust.

Make sure you throw everything out responsibly. Recycle and reuse materials where possible.

3. Fix Things

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Whether you need a water heater repair or a new fence in the yard, this is the time to do it. Get organized with a list of things to fic and start assigning companies or individuals who will handle it.

Add these tasks to your schedule and set reminders, so you don’t miss any call-ins from the handyman.

4. Use a HEPA Vacuum

If you don’t know already, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are toxic chemicals emitted by everyday items and your furniture. When you vacuum and clean, these chemicals are more frequent in your home.

VOCs can cause several health-related issues such as an irritated throat, nose, eyes, skin, and hair. A certified HEPA vacuum with a carbon filter will ensure that the emitting if VOCs are kept to a minimum during your spring clean.

5. Go “Green”

One of the biggest emitters of VOCs, as discussed above, is your regular cleaning products. This year, swap them out for natural and eco-friendly alternatives. These products are made without harmful chemicals and toxins, keeping you and your family’s safety.
Eco-friendly cleaning products have become very popular in recent years, and you will find them in most supermarkets. Key brands include Ecover, Method Home, Mrs. Meyer’s, ECOS, and Seventh Generation.

6. Don’t Forget Your Windows

For some reason, many people ignore their windows during their spring cleaning. Windows need love too! Dust settles in windows as well as your floor. Make sure you give each window in your home a good clean.

Make sure all your windows are open during your cleaning to help with proper ventilation.

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