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How to Build the Perfect Wellness Retreat Holiday Wardrobe

Now that you’ve booked your next holiday and decided upon a wellness retreat meant to feed your mind and body, there’s no doubt you are anxiously counting down the days until your departure. After all the stress of 2020, a wellness retreat is truly one of the best things you can probably do for yourself. This is the perfect way to escape all the worries of home and reconnect with yourself, find that sense of calmness, and come back feeling re-energized and more positive.

So, as you count down the days until your trip, this would be the ideal time to give thought to your vacation wardrobe. A wellness retreat style of holiday calls for some very specific pieces, as well as other options that are ideal for touring local towns/cities, dining off property, and even looking a bit more formal and put together. So, here are some basic pieces you’ll want to be sure to pack.

Workout Gear Is a Must

If you are planning to take part in any classes or activities such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, and so forth, you'll want to be sure you've packed clothing that is comfortable and breathable. Opt for lightweight materials that are moisture wicking, don't wrinkle, dry fast, and take up little room in the suitcase.

You will also want some sort of athletic shoe to wear, again opting for something lightweight, breathable, and easy to pack.

Trendy Pieces for Dining Out

If you plan on leaving the property to visit local restaurants, then it's a good idea to also come prepared with a few different evening looks. Because you may not know exactly how many times you’ll be dining out, opt for one color palette so that you can mix and match the pieces. You’ll be able to create multiple outfits out of just a few staples.

High-End Accessories Instantly Elevate an Outfit

Because people are usually strapped for space when packing, you want to think of ways you can add unique features to your outfits even if you have to wear the same clothing multiple times. High-end accessories are very easy to pack and will add that pop of elegance, sophistication, style, and interest to any outfit.

Take for example the classic and basic black shift dress from Son de Flor. Add one of the many Gucci belts available through the designer and suddenly you’ve created a much more modern and sophisticated look. If you consider getting a new Gucci belt for your holiday, SSENSE features a wide array of styles to choose from.

Keep in mind that each belt will add its own twist on your outfit and can really offer that pop of high fashion.

The Bag You Choose Can Set a Real Statement

Besides your luggage, you'll also want to bring a bag, purse, or tote that you use on a daily basis. For a wellness retreat, the best solution may be a combination of bags - a tote for lugging around items you'll need for a class, session, or treatment, and then a smaller purse for when you're out exploring, dining, shopping, or any other activity.

The perfect purse for traveling should:

·       Be comfortable to wear – across the body are usually the most secure and comfortable

·       Be in a neutral color so that it works with all your outfits

·       Offer various compartments/sections so that you can easily organize all your items while out and about

·       Provide ample room for all your essential items

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Great Pair of Shoes

Finally, you want to be sure you aren’t underestimating the power of a great pair of shoes. They don’t have to be heels, just shoes that make a statement, make you feel confident, and help to add a sense of style to your outfit.

As a side note, heel height should be something you give thought to. Let’s say you are visiting a wellness center that is located in a rustic village, with plenty of cobblestone streets, and hills – heels likely won’t be your best bet. Instead, you can choose something like a trendy sandal that has embellishments or laces up your legs. These will have just as much of an impact as heels would, yet they will be more comfortable and secure to walk around in.

Look Stunning and Put Together on Your Wellness Retreat

So, while there is plenty of focus on the trip itself and just how great it will make you feel, be sure to also consider the holiday wardrobe you plan on packing. Aiming for fashion and style doesn’t mean you have to give up on comfort and functionality. Have a safe trip!

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