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What To Pack For Returning To Your Travels

This year, a lot of our travel plans have been disrupted. We've suffered delays and cancellations as the global pandemic has progressed and rules in each country have changed by the day. For many of us, it's been a reminder of just how important to us and good for the soul travelling is. Now is the time to dream of your next adventure and plan it out. It's all about the travel preparation right now, and that includes finally figuring out how to pack light and still stay stylish. Lots of short travels work far better with just one bag to manage, so how can you edit down your luggage while still looking fabulous? 

Select A Color Palette

The real key to looking chic and pulled together while having lots of clothing options out of a minimum amount of bags? Choosing and sticking to a tight colour palette. Pick three shades - at least two should be neutrals for maximum versatility - and don't pack any item unless it a) is one of those three shades and b) goes with at least two other items in your bag. The concept is like a capsule travel wardrobe - the aim is to be able to combine any of the items together to create something that looks great. You can even get leather iphone cases that match into your scheme for an ultra-coordinated look.

Be Ruthless About Shoes

Shoes are the sworn enemy of the light packer. Bulky and heavy, they take up a lot of valuable space in your luggage. For best results, narrow your shoe selection down as much as you can. Think about your travel itinerary and realistically what you'll be doing and where you'll be going. Shoes that can be dressed up or down are a great choice - a pair of flat jewelled sandals for a beach vacation or some chic flats that switch easily between on and off duty for a work trip are great. Keep it simple and don't be tempted to pack those skyscraper heels 'just in case'.

Learn To Pack Properly

As well as narrowing down the items you take with you, how you pack is a huge factor in successfully travelling light. Try some packing cubes to maximize the available space in a suitcase, or try rolling your clothes rather than folding - this takes less space and causes less creasing. This technique means you can fit a lot more into a small amount of space.

Purchase Essentials There

When it comes to toiletries or things like sunblock that can be fairly bulky, ask yourself if you could buy it at your destination once you arrive? If you're travelling with a baby, things like nappies and formula can be purchased once you arrive and this will save you being weighed down - just stash a small amount and pick up a larger pack on the other end of your journey.

Learn to get into the minimalist mindset when it comes to packing - not only will you avoid steep baggage fees and hanging around the carousel at the other end, but you'll be able to enjoy feeling light and free, and just focus on having a great time.

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