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Stylish Ways To Keep your Home Secure

You can keep your home secure without putting up barbed wire fences and security cameras. In fact, there are many ways to incorporate security into your home’s decor in a stylish way. Here are just a few examples.

Metal doors

Metal doors are much more difficult to break into than traditional wooden doors. On top of keeping out burglars, they have the potential to keep you home safe from natural disasters too such as hurricanes. While plain metal doors can give off a cold and industrial feel, there are plenty of ornate designs out there that can be much prettier and more welcoming. If you look at this site, you can see a few examples of elegant wrought iron doors. If you look at this site you can see a few examples of elegant wrought Crittall doors – these could be perfect for an older and more classic home. There are also funky steel doors on the market for those with more modern properties.

 If you look at this site, you can see a few examples of elegant wrought Crittall doors –

Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting can help to make your home look more impressive at night, as well as keeping away burglars that may be looking for somewhere to break into undetected. Motion-sensing lighting is one of the most economical choices – such lighting will only turn on when movement is detected so that you’re not using energy all night to illuminate your home. Try to cover every angle of your home with this lighting to ensure that that there’s no place for burglars to breach.

Plantation shutters

Blinds and net curtains can help to distort the view into your home so that burglars can’t eye your belongings. A particularly burglar-proof option is plantation shutters, which are attached to the window frame. On top of being a stylish feature, these shutters will help to distort the view into your home while also making it much harder to break in through a window (while curtain and blinds can be more easily brushed aside, shutters are fixed in place serving as an added obstacle).

Rose bushes

Roses are renowned for being one of the most beautiful flowers. They can bring a gorgeous pop of color to your garden and are fairly simple to look after. The fact that roses are also thorny makes them a useful deterrent. In fact, a rose bush could be the perfect plant to place beneath a low fence or beneath a ground-level window. This could prevent burglars from climbing over your fence or trying to get in through your window.

Hidden security tech

Security technology such as cameras and burglar alarms needn’t be bulky and noticeable. Many modern home security solutions can be camouflaged into your home’s d├ęcor. Cameras are now smaller than ever and can be easily hidden on a wall or in a plant. Alarm systems can meanwhile be remotely controlled via an app on your phone or tablet. There is even the option of smart locks that can only be opened using a smartphone and smart lighting which can be turned on and off remotely. Consider exploring some of these security tech options

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