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Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Watch

With the upcoming gift giving season approaching, are you wondering what kind of benefits buying a second-hand watch can offer you? Do you want to know why many people invest in this type of market instead of buying a new watch? What are the advantages, for example, of buying a second-hand Rolex instead of a new one? There are countless reasons to justify this type of investment; Price may be the main one, but it is not the only one at all. In fact, the other benefits may be even better than the simple "it's cheaper than buying it new." You could easily look at FP Journe for further inspiration. Let's see some of them: 

Benefit 1: You can avoid depreciation

Like most things you buy new, there is going to be an initial depreciation. This can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand; It depends on the price of the watch you are going to buy and its value in the second-hand market. If you are buying a luxury watch, you may have to wait a long time for it to be worth more on the second-hand market. If you buy it already used, you will avoid this initial depreciation that often covers the first years of ownership.

Benefit 2: Made to last

When it comes to buying a used luxury watch, if we compare it with investing in a new one, we have more budget possibilities. What does this mean? That we can buy a much higher quality product for less money. The quality of the materials used in these types of watches offers extra durability that makes investing in them really worth it, and how can you resist if you can buy more for less?  

Benefit 3: More options

Buying second-hand luxury watches opens up endless possibilities. As we have already noted, watches of this type are made to last for the long term. This means that you can get hold of models that carry hundreds of years behind them. Imagine then the palette of options that you have at your disposal! In this market you can also get limited edition watches or watches that are no longer manufactured. Although they may require a greater outlay than other possibilities, they are an excellent investment. 

From an aesthetic point of view, they are ideal for those looking for something with a vintage touch (a characteristic that is very fashionable today). Instead of buying a brand new watch designed to look old or vintage, why not buy a really vintage one on the second hand market? Your friends will surely ask you where you got that incredible model from and you can tell them the exciting story behind it. 

Benefit 5: Better deals

In the second-hand watch market you have a better chance of finding better deals. Of course, you must invest some time to research, compare and thus access the best deal. An excellent starting point is to find out in advance the average market value of the model you are looking for. That way you can determine if the offer you find is a good investment or if you should keep looking. Either way, a lovely watch will make you feel good!

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