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5 Ways To Make Your Home Super Healthy



Most of us know what we need to do to live a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s improving our diet and exercise regime, or ditching our bad habits. Our homes contribute to our health more than we may realise. To help you make your space healthier, try using these five easy ideas.

1 . Declutter & Deep Clean

To create a healthy home environment you should deep clean and declutter regularly. Deep cleaning helps you to get rid of dirt and germs that can make you sick. Decluttering can help you to create a tidy space and boost your well-being. To help you keep on top of your cleaning schedule you might like to check out cleaning apps like Tody. For decluttering inspiration, Marie Kondo's bestseller ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up’ is a great read! If you're in need of assistance with decluttering, consider Affordable Dumpster Rental Services Melbourne FL. They offer top-notch services such as junk removal, green waste disposal, mattress and furniture removal, and the like

2. Improve Your Air Quality

According to Cool Today, ‘the quality of indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the worst outside air.’ What’s more, ‘The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized that poor indoor air pollution is a very real problem and ranked it among the top of the environmental dangers facing the public.’

To improve your indoor air quality, and your health, purchase an air purifier for your home. Indoor plants can also cleanse the air of toxins, while raising your endorphins too.

3. Start a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables can help you to eat more veggies, boost your nutritional health, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. What’s more, gardening is a wholesome hobby that can boost your wellbeing. To help you get started, try growing veggies that aren’t too difficult to grow. A few easy options include tomatoes, potatoes, peas, and radishes.

4. Ditch The Toxins

To make your home healthier, consider banishing the toxins from your life. When you are shopping for cleaning products, choose green-cleaners made from plant-based ingredients. Try soy candles instead of traditional ones, and go for eco-paint when you are revamping your rooms. There are plenty of brands that do not use harmful chemicals to make their products, and the more support these brands get, the better! When choosing your cosmetics, the Think Dirty app can help you to check how healthy and sustainable your products are.

5. Home Security 

When you’re making healthy adjustments to your home it’s also worth updating your home security system. Modern home security systems combine many different features including cameras, alarms, smart locks, and motion sensors. Some systems also come with professional monitoring support. As well as home security alarms remember your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and even flood alarms. Flood alarms are used to detect water levels and alert you if there is a flood on your property. If you do experience a flood it’s best to contact a flood restoration company to safely and securely restore your home.

When you take steps to keep your home healthy and secure you’ll create a peaceful home that improves your lifestyle.

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