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Redecorating Your Home? Avoid These Mistakes!

Are you planning on redecorating your home? Before you start buying everything you need, you’re going to want to be aware of some of the mistakes homeowners make when trying to beautify their homes. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to make these mistakes and realize when it’s too late. If you want a beautiful, functional space that just seems to flow effortlessly, read on for mistakes to avoid.

  1. Filling Every Free Space With An Item 

It can be tempting to try to make the most of your space by filling any free space you have with an item or an accessory. However, free space can make things feel more spacious and give the furniture and accessories you already have room to breathe. Take a look at a floating shelf, for example. This can be a great place to store a few items, but also an opportunity to add some interest to a room. Rather than squeezing all of the books or items you possibly can onto one shelf, pick a few pieces carefully and play around with the arrangement. Your home will have a much better feel to it when you don’t overdo it. Too many accessories and pieces can create visual clutter, which can be just as stressful as real clutter.

  1. Using Too Many Colors/Patterns

Colors and patterns can be a fantastic way to bring personality to your home, as well as a little joy. However, using too many can give your home a mish-mashed feel, rather than a bold or bohemian vibe. Use the rule of three. This is where you pick 3 colors/patterns and use them in varying amounts to make sure everything goes well together. Use your favorite one 60%, another one 30%, and the final one 10%. Have a look at how people use pattern and color on Instagram and Pinterest and get some inspiration. For example, some people like to mix different versions of the same pattern. Monochrome patterns almost always work really well with other patterns and colors, too!

Image from pexels

  1. Trying To Do Something Yourself That Could Cost You More In The Long Run

If you’re trying to save money and get things done as quickly as possible, you may attempt to DIY something that would be better done by a professional. You need to make sure you’re not actually making things harder for yourself in the long run, because you could end up spending even more money and experiencing even more damage. Make sure you have the right people on hand to back you up should you need them, such as emergency plumbers and electricians, as well as contractors who could do some of the tricky jobs for you. Don’t be stubborn, be smart!

  1. Pushing Your Furniture Against The Walls 

Pushing furniture against the wall is not the best use of space in your home. What’s the point in having a large area of floor space if all you’re going to do is walk through it? Instead, try to create a cozier seating arrangement, using things like coffee tables and fireplaces to give a focal point to the space.

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