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Building Classical And Old Features Into A Modern Home

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Classical design has long been a popular choice for those working on home renovations. Many of today’s biggest designers are influenced by the past, and this can be seen in the work that is done by decor companies around the world. Of course, though, creating a classical look when you’re dealing with a modern home can be a bit of a challenge. To help you out with this, this article will be exploring a range of different options that can make this process easier, though it’s worth keeping in mind that creativity is key when you’re going through any process like this.

The Ceilings

Every room inside your home is going to have a ceiling, presenting you with a great place to start with this process. There are loads of features that can be added to or changed when it comes to your ceilings, and you can find some of the best classical ideas below.

Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams used to be far more common than they are today, supporting the structure of the building they were in. Subtle methods are used to achieve the same aim nowadays, but this doesn’t mean that beams have lost their charm. You can find authentic ceiling beams that have been rescued from places like barns when you scour the market hard enough, and these can be cut down and added to your home with very little effort.

Light Fixtures & Fittings

While electricity is a fairly modern invention, there are loads of classic styles that suit light fixtures, and this makes it possible to add a real statement to your ceilings. Much like beams, you can often find old and unused light fitting options that will save you money while also ensuring that you get something authentic.

Ceiling Roses

Ceiling roses have been around for a very long time, using coming in the form of a round plate that will be positioned right above a light fixture. Roses can protect your ceiling and hide ugly plasterwork, all while looking elegant and classic in the process. You can find ceiling roses very cheaply, and there are loads of styles on the market to choose from.


Coving is relatively similar to ceiling roses, though it will usually border the ceiling around the edges. Coving can be intricately decorated or very plain, though classic styles will usually reflect the former, masking it worth exploring the options you have before you decide on the coving you want for your home.

The Windows & Walls

Alongside your ceilings, your home is also going to consist of a lot of walls. These spaces present an even wider array of options for those who want to make their home reflect a classical building, and this makes it easy to achieve the styles you want when you focus on these parts of your home. You can find some great examples of classical wall decor below.

Stained Glass Windows

Windows are an important feature in any home, allowing light inside and making the whole place feel much bigger. Of course, though, boring clear glass isn’t very old school, and this pushes a lot of people to choose stained glass for certain areas in their home. This can be expensive, but the cost will be worth it if you choose the right windows.


While boring single-color walls are very popular nowadays, wallpaper with intricate designs was far more popular in the past. Websites like Wallpaper Boulevard offer loads of options for those who want to make their walls look more unique, giving you the chance to change your home dramatically with a simple addition to your walls.

Wall Panels

Wall panels used to offer a great way for wealthy people to make their walls look a lot neater than possible with old construction techniques. This style looks amazing, giving your walls a unique texture while also making it feel like the room they are in has been built for a purpose. Thankfully, this option has gotten much cheaper than it used to be, and you can now find adhesive wall panels that will make your walls look truly stunning.

Artwork & Wall Hangings

Artwork has long been a popular way to make your walls look amazing. Whether you like paintings, photographs, or any other form of wall art, you can make your whole house look stunning with very little effort when you make the most of the art you have available to you. Clocks, plates, and other wall hangings can also be used to give your home a classic feel, and there are loads of other options available on the market to make this easier for you.

The Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen and bathrooms in your home are crucial to daily life and are often the busiest spaces found in a household. They are more complicated than the other rooms in your home, with the furniture combining with the decor to ensure that you can get what you need out of the space. This post will be exploring these two areas together, giving you the chance to get started on building your classical kitchens and bathrooms.


Sinks come in loads of shapes and sizes, and the styles you choose for your bathrooms and kitchens are likely to be different. Old chunky sinks have become very popular, giving you the chance to make your kitchen look like an old bakery. Alongside this, though, some people will prefer ornate or simple sinks; you just need to find something that reflects the past.

Other Porcelain

There is a lot of other porcelain in most bathrooms, with baths and toilets being in just about every modern home around the world. Your toilet doesn’t need to be anything special, but adding a wooden seat will give it some classical appeal. Your bath, on the other hand, can reflect styles going back hundreds of years. Reclamation yards tend to be one of the best places to get items like this, enabling you to get great deals.


Both bathrooms and kitchens tend to be packed with fitted cabinets for storing the items that you use in them. Kitchens will usually have a lot more than bathrooms, giving you a good place to focus as you go through this. Looking up pictures of Victorian styles can be a good place to start with this, with the modern fitted kitchens that are popular in the modern world originating during this period.

Taps & Other Fixtures

Taps come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, and there are some styles that look far more classical than others. Much like choosing your cabinets, it’s worth looking up the styles that were popular in the past when you are choosing items like this. Of course, though, you need to aim for the same era as the other items you buy.

Other Elements

Bathrooms and kitchens are very personal rooms, with many people designing them around their lifestyles. This means that it can be hard to suggest the direction you should take, and you need to be willing to be creative as you go through this process to get the very best results. Some will find this easier than others, but you shouldn’t have much trouble if you work hard.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making a modern home match classical styles. This process can be a challenge, and you need to be careful to make sure that you aren’t picking styles that will clash with one another. Time will always make this easier, making it worth giving yourself plenty of this resource before you get started.

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