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Essential Post-Lockdown Vacation Planning

Planning and booking vacations have become more of a challenge, thanks to the ever-changing lockdowns and travel rules. Lots of travelers are looking for last minutes deals, but there are some things you ought to do before you book anything.


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Follow The Coronavirus Rates

Travel corridors are changing all the time and can be removed with hardly any notice. To avoid being disappointed, check the coronavirus rates in the country you want to go to. A spike in cases can cause a travel corridor to be closed, so watch the numbers. Several news sites publish these figures daily.

Check The Entry Requirements

Many countries require tourists to have a negative Coronavirus test or spend a set amount of time in self-isolation before they are allowed into the country. Check the requirements before you book.

Read The T&Cs

Whether you’re booking a package or booking hotels and flights separately, read the terms and conditions carefully. Check if:

You can get your money refunded if you change your mind

You can amend your trip to a different date or destination

You have to amend your flights or accommodation by a certain date so as not to be charged

Make sure you’re happy with the terms before you book.

Talk To Your Employer

As well as putting in your annual leave request, you should also speak to your employer about what to do if the rules for your vacation destination change while you’re there, and you end up being delayed coming back or must self-isolate when you get home. For example, if you have to quarantine, make sure you have made arrangements to work from home.

Book On A Credit Card

Pay for anything that you book in advance, from flights to Seaworld San Antonio tickets, on a credit card. This gives you better protection if you have to get your money refunded if your plans have to be canceled. You will also have better protection if a company you have booked with goes into administration.

Check Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important right now. If you use a comparison site, make sure you filter for enhanced Covid-19 cover, which should include cover for canceling if you get Covid-19 before your vacation and have to stay at home. Look for a policy that will cover the cost of medical care if you contract Covid-19 while you’re abroad.

Remember that you have a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days to cancel your insurance if you aren’t happy. Buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip, so you are covered for any problems.

Check Your Flights

A lot of airlines have had to change their onboard food and drink offer so double check before you travel so you can sort out your own food if you have to, or eat before you fly. If you are checking your luggage, you will probably have to use self-service bag drops if you can. Remember that these measures are in place for your safety.

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