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A Major “Bug”-Bear! Keeping Insects Out of Your Home

 You might be trying to attract wildlife into your garden to make the space more vibrant, but one of the less pleasant side effects is an influx of bugs. When bugs and insects infiltrate your home, it's important to make sure your home is pest-proof. How can you do this?

Secure the Outside

The most important thing to remember is that every insect is an invader from the outside. What are the most important ways to get rid of a pest problem is to work from the outside. So, this means addressing anything that connects your home to the outdoors. Look at pipes, chimneys, and vents to see where insects could sneak through. When it comes to windows, screen rooms can provide a barrier that will make all the difference. Securing the outside also involves relying on a pest control company to safeguard your exterior. As already mentioned, pests move from the outdoors to the indoors, and the only way to keep your home free from these unwelcome guests is to take extreme precautions. Concentrating on your indoors alone may not help much if you fail to see things from a wider perspective.

For any other issues, you can repair entry points with weatherstripping or caulk to fill in the small gaps.

Keep Everything Sealed

Insects are pretty simple creatures, they are always after the things that taste wonderful! If you have an unwanted houseguest, you need to make your home as inhospitable as you can. Bugs will always go for the food, so make sure that you keep them in sealed containers or in the fridge. If your home has a significant amount of open packets, and you pride your kitchen table on the fruit bowl centerpiece, this is Club Med for bugs, especially fruit flies. Also, if you have a lot of pets, keep those pet bowls clean and covered.

How Clean Is Your Home?

If you have a lot of insects invading your home, you've got to ask yourself this question. If you want to keep bugs away, your home needs to be clean. Look at the trouble areas, such as the kitchen, where there could be a lot of crumbs looking around. The best approach is to maintain a strict cleaning regime. Vacuum your property once a week, and make sure that any trash is covered or sealed. If your home has laminate flooring, it's always a good idea to invest in a steam cleaner, as the high levels of steam will ensure that you are fumigating your property in the most natural way. On the topic of natural prevention, if you have an influx of pests like ants, you need to find the best natural approaches. Spraying chemicals on ants is not the best option especially if you're trying to look after your health! One of the best tactics is to address the smells that ants hate. Vinegar is an excellent example, and cinnamon, mint, and black pepper are another few things that ants cannot bear.

Look for the Warning Signs

The best defense is to keep your eyes peeled. When you are trying to keep ants out of your home, there are warning signs afoot. For example, ants will send out scouts to check out your property. If you see one or two ants, you have to get pest-proofing right away! There are many ways to keep insects out of your home. As frustrating as it can be, there are many different lines of defense.

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