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How to Rent Your Apartment Without Upsetting Your Neighbors

Are you planning to venture into the world of property rentals? Many new landlords start by renting out an apartment near Tempe or house they have been living in to test the water and see if life as a landlord is the right choice for them. While renting out your former home is a low-risk strategy for yourself, your neighbors may feel a little nervous about you doing this. Having nightmare tenants move into the apartment next door is something that concerns many neighbors. No one wants to have inconsiderate, noisy neighbors living above, below, or next to them. Having bad neighbors can have a negative impact on the whole community. Research shows that neighbor noise can impact both the physical and mental health of residents. No responsible landlord wants to inflict the stress of noisy tenants onto their neighbors, but, how do you prevent this from happening? Following these tips should help keep your neighbors happy while ensuring you benefit from a problem-free first experience as a landlord:

Carry Out Background Checks

One of the first things you will need to do before you agree to rent out your apartment is to carry out background checks. Screening potential tenants is a helpful way to avoid any significant problems and ensure you know a little more about the people occupying your property. It is also beneficial to find out more about their previous rental history and see whether former landlords will provide them with a reference and recommend them as suitable tenants. While screening checks and references cannot tell you everything about a potential tenant, they can be a valuable tool for shortlisting potential renters for your property.

Use Technology

From playing loud music to hosting parties late into the night, there are many ways that tenants can become a noise nuisance and create distress in the neighborhood. The problem is unless you are at the property, you can do very little about it until after the event when you have received a flood of complaints from local people. To avoid this embarrassing and stressful problem, you could use a home monitoring system that detects noise levels and allows you to respond to the situation when it is happening. A noise monitoring system will alert you when noise levels become unacceptable in your apartment; you can then send your tenants a message to let them know that they should reduce the noise levels. Being able to respond so quickly to the increased noise should prevent neighbors from needing to contact you with their complaints and deter your tenants from being noisy in the future.

Keep Communicating

Sometimes neighborhood disputes can arise out of miscommunication and innocent misunderstandings. As a landlord, you can help prevent this from happening with your tenants by ensuring they know everything they need about the neighborhood. Letting them know information such as where they can park their car and which communal areas of the apartment block they can use should help prevent any misunderstanding causing issues with the neighbors.


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