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5 Toolbox Essentials all Home DIYers Should Own

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Let’s face it: there will be lots of jobs you want to do around the home, such as minor repairs or improvements. If you’re a practical, hands-on person, you will undoubtedly want an arsenal of tools at your disposal to tackle some of the most common home DIY jobs.

The thing is, you’re wondering which tools will be the best ones to have and which ones you should avoid because you might only use them once, if at all. With that in mind, you must ensure you’ve got the following in your toolbox:

1. Screwdrivers

Arguably one of the most essential sets of tools everyone should have in their toolboxes is screwdrivers. They are cheap to buy, and you can probably pick up a set during your next trip out for grocery shopping!

Screwdriver sets come in various shapes and sizes, and they’re the one set of tools everyone needs to tackle a myriad of DIY jobs around the home. It’s like having a Swiss army knife in your toolbox in some ways.

2. Hot Glue Gun

You’ve probably used things like superglue before, but you’re wondering why you need a hot glue gun for your toolbox. In a nutshell, hot glue guns give you the flexibility to join two surfaces together, seal gaps in any construction, and much more.

Hot glue guns can also help in other ways, such as pulling dents out of car body panels. It makes sense to research the best hot melt adhesive manufacturers, so you only keep a cache of high-quality glues in your toolbox for your hot glue gun.

3. Claw Hammer

There will be times where you need to remove nails or screws with rounded-off heads. Plus, there will also be other times when you must drive nails into things. You might think that you’d need two or more separate tools to achieve those objectives.

However, it’s possible to have a single tool to facilitate those jobs and more. The claw hammer is a simple yet effective tool that is versatile and can be used in various applications.

4. Pliers

Another versatile tool that you should have at your disposal is pliers. They can help you to pull things apart, squeeze them together, and you can even use them for purposes like twisting electrical wire cores together.

You can also use pliers to tighten or unscrew fasteners when you don’t have a screwdriver handy, or perhaps in places where there isn’t enough room to use such tools. Pliers really are your flexible friend.

5. Adjustable Wrench

Last but not least, you should invest in an adjustable wrench. While it can make sense to buy a set of spanners in different sizes, it’s unlikely you’ll use them enough to justify the cost. An adjustable wrench is an affordable tool that doesn’t take up much space in your toolbox.

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  1. I love my pink tools in my own little toolbox. Mr. G says those pink tools are NOT allowed in his manly toolbox. My favorite tool is my rachet screwdriver.

  2. Yup, we have all of these! I need to keep them all in one spot though. Usually they are scattered around the house.

  3. Yes to this. Now if only my husband would stop taking my tools and putting them in his toolbox.

  4. These are all essentials for DIYers. I love doing home projects and I have all of these

  5. Whether you're a novice or an expert, these tools are crucial for getting jobs done at home.

  6. I agree with these as well. We actually do have them all on hand too. We have a lot of tools around actually.

  7. Richelle Milar8:05 AM

    This is such a really great post. I know my husband is complete with these tools. He has a small room full of tools and equipment's.

  8. Rose Ann Sales8:06 AM

    I agree on this, I will gonna share this to my husband we normally barrow our neighbors tool when we need it, I think its time to have our own.

  9. We all have these. My Dad bought lots of tools in Canada before he went back home.

  10. My husband has a lot of tools! I should check with him if the has the essential ones!

  11. Great tips here and to say my husband has all of these and so much more is an understatement. He basically is a handy man and can do everything around the house and has every tool needed to do just that. These are all great basics that every home needs.

  12. Yes these are great tool box essentials we all needed. These are really helpful for home diy

  13. Fortunately I have all the essential tools at my home all the time.


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