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8 Simple Organization Tips For Your Garage

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Your garage comes in handy for many reasons. You can keep your car safe, store household items, and even run a small business from there! However, your garage can become quite cluttered if you don’t make an effort to keep it organized. Statistics reveal that about 80% of home buyers consider the garage before finalizing their decision to buy the house. If you’re wondering how to keep your garage organized, here are some simple and practical tips worth considering. 

  1. Set time aside

Keeping your garage organized takes time and effort. It would help if you intentionally set time aside to carefully declutter your garage, arrange your items, and find any items you no longer need that you can give away. The amount of time it will take to clear your garage will mostly depend on the number of items you have there. It could take you just a few minutes, an hour, or a few days. Aside from making time, setting goals can help guide and motivate you in decluttering your garage. For instance, why you want to create space and when you want to finish by. You can make this fun by getting your family to help out, which will also help you finish quicker. 

  1. Avoid keeping several items on the floor

It’s best to avoid keeping too many items on your garage floor as much as you can. This way, you’ll have more space for your car and avoid accidents such as tripping or falling. It’ll also help prevent things from piling up in your garage that will be difficult for you to sort out when the need arises. Additionally, you can easily clean your garage floor regularly. 

  1. Consider convenient storage options

To help your garage look and feel more organized, you can consider convenient storage options. These include jars for storing small items, storage tubes, plastic bins with lids, and cabinets you can easily lock so your kids can’t easily access items or chemicals you don’t want them to reach. If you plan to move soon, you can consider convenient ways of keeping your items, so your garage floor doesn’t become crowded. Such options include a portable storage container, enabling you to safely store your items until you’re ready to move. Shelves are also a great choice to help you store several items that you can easily find when you want to use them. As you explore various storage options, remember to label your items clearly, so you don’t have to spend too much time looking for them. 

  1. Create a workstation 

If you spend a lot of time in your garage or enjoy DIY, a workstation will be a great way to keep your garage organized. You can consider a foldable workbench that you can easily put away when you’re done. You can also try a bench with built-in drawers, though those can be a bit expensive. A simple table can also work, and you can complement it with a stool you can keep under it when you finish working. It would help if you kept a broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner nearby so you can immediately clean up after work. 

  1. Identify and seal any gaps

It’s best to look for and seal any gaps that could let excessive air or even insects come in. Doing this will also help your items in the garage last longer. You can do this using spray foam or caulking. Likewise, if there are any gaps between your garage door and the floor, it’s best to seal that space to prevent leaves, dust, rain, etc., from entering your garage. Doing this will also save you a lot of time spent cleaning. 

  1. Store items vertically to create more space

Vertically storing your items will help make your garage look more organized. It will also help you make good use of your space and make it easier to reach any items you need. A great idea to help you achieve this is colorful plastic storage bins. You can easily stack them against your walls. They enable you to arrange your items vertically and easily find them when you need them. They come in various colors, enabling you to choose the ones you prefer so you can easily separate your items according to use, sport, season, etc. 

  1. Get good windows and doors

While considering ways to keep your garage organized, it’s advisable to think about how to keep your things safe as well. Getting good doors and windows you can lock securely will help protect your items and prevent any break-ins. It’s best to always keep your garage door closed even when you’re around and lock it firmly if you’re going to be away for a while. Having good lighting will also help you see your items clearly and contribute to your overall security. 

  1. Make good use of your walls and ceilings

Your walls and ceilings can provide useful space for you to place your items. For example, if you love fishing or camping, you can consider keeping your gear along your ceiling or wall to keep them in good shape. You only need to ensure they’re held firmly in place, so they don’t fall. You can also store items you don’t often use, like your ladder. You can also maximize your wall space using hooks, plywood, etc. However, if you use overhead space for your storage, remember to place your items properly to avoid blocking your garage door or damaging your car. 

Practicing these tips will help keep your garage constantly organized, help you maximize space, and allow your garage to fulfill the purpose for which you use it. Remember to put the items you use the most in places you can easily reach, so you don’t spend too much time looking for them or creating a mess trying to get them. You can go further to have a plan or layout of your garage to help you easily make decisions, such as installing storage cabinets or setting aside space as a workstation.

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