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The Art of Miraval in Provence and a Lovely Drunken Seafood Stew

The Winophiles group of bloggers are discussing wines from Provence, France this month.  I read A Year in Provence in my 40s and I want to travel there so very much.  Doing this post only intensified my desire to go.  As always, I found it hard to focus on only winemaking where there is a whole community centered around the arts in Provence.  I chose to highlight Miraval as my vineyard because I believe they have also gathered together the pieces of Provence that speak to me!  So let's explore The Art of Miraval (with an especially lovely orange-rose wine) and I'll share a Drunken Seafood Stew that we paired with it.

My title reflects and honors the winemaker, Marc Perrin,  as well as owner Brad Pitt, who is an artist in his own right, having two Oscars and two Golden Globes and numerous nominations for other movie roles.  It also celebrates the first musician to own the estate, Jacques Loussier, a French jazz pianist, who built a recording studio on it.  Many musicians have recorded here including some personal favorites such as The Cranberries, Elton John, Wham! and The Cure.

Pitt and his former wife, Angelina Jolie purchased the estate in 2009 which served as their wedding venue. The Perrin family co-owns with Pitt and other partners.  The winemaker purchased egg-shaped concrete tanks to return to the Provence style of rose production.  The juice is pressed from the grapes and placed into the fermentation tanks without the use of pumps.

The result is an elegant wine, pale pink to orange hue, reminding many of rose petals. The nose is fresh, red fruits and the zest of lemon.  It has a subtle mineral and saline note and a long beautiful finish.

We paired the Miraval with Drunken Seafood Stew.  The rose's lemon accents paired beautifully with the seafood in the stew, making both the stew and the wine lively and bold.  The broth was rich and a bit spicy and the wine's citrus notes and red fruit balance the richness.

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  1. A year in Provence was a great book, it definitely got me wanting a trip there. And your Drunken Seafood Stew with crusty bread... perfect!


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