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The Best of Our Good Life 2021

It's always exciting to go back and look at what my readers found as the most interesting posts on the blog.  I am sharing the posts with you in reverse order, with #10 being the first post that you see.  If you are a reader of Our Good Life, you will note that I have gone through a couple of design changes, trying to find the one that speaks to my readers.  I would love to hear your thoughts about this latest change. You can write them in my comments below, or email me at terri@terristeffes.com

So are the posts, in reverse order:

10.  Grilled Banana Bread.  This post was a God-given idea.  I have grilled angel food cake and pound cake and they were both delicious but this grilled banana bread was over-the-top.  The warm banana was exquisite.

9.  Grilled Flounder Tacos.  We love tacos in this house and we particularly like fish tacos, but the ones we liked are the ones made by coating the fish in batter and deep-frying them.  In these tacos, we grilled the firm fish and make the tacos that way.

8.  Chocolate Cherry Fudge.  This post was timely and so easy that it was a no-brainer that it would do well.  It is easily my favorite of all the fudge I have ever made.

7.  Five Things I Learned About Lambrusco.  I started writing more seriously about wine, and this post was one of the best-researched posts I have done.  I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors at #ItalianFWT  (Italian Food Wine Travel).

6.  Potato and Onion Breakfast Soup with Egg and Bacon.  Ok, just the title alone makes you want to look.  Breakfast soup?  Not a common concept.  This has all the flavors of breakfast, just in a different sort of presentation.

5. 6 Tips for Setting Intentional New Year's Goals.  While the comments were pretty slanted that New Year's resolutions are a thing of the past, it was timely and so was getting a lot of attention.  This post and a Pinterest photo generated more interest.

4.  New Pizza Oven.  I purchased a pizza oven for my husband and we had a blast learning to use it and having people over for homemade pizza.  I can't wait for us to get it out this summer and do some more entertaining.

3.  Date Night Wine Cocktail for Two.  Another wine post generated a lot of interest.  Again, the timeliness of the post may have had a lot to do with its success, but this is also a very delicious cocktail.

2.  3 Pie Iron Cleaning Tips.  We go camping once or twice a month during the spring, summer, and fall, and one of our favorite camping tools is the pie iron. The thing is hard to clean but these tips help us keep our pie iron in tip-top shape.

1.  Tik Tok Feta Cheese Tomato Pasta.  In the height of the Tik Tok craze, I made this pasta dish and posted it here.  It instantly received many views, and then hundreds more posts came up and the craze died down.  Still, it outperformed all other posts on my blog for 2021.  If you haven't tried this dish, you should, it is so amazing!

Do you have a favorite of these posts?  Did a different post capture your attention?   Happy 2022 everyone!

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  1. I am sure that I read each of these but I am glad that you shared some of them as I want to read them again.

  2. The Breakfast soup post caught my attention. I don't think we ever had soup for breakfast but this sounds like something we are going to be trying out soon.

  3. Now I'm hungry. You have some awesome posts here. I will have to check them out!

  4. So many amazing posts in 2021, looking forward to your 2022 posts.

  5. These all sound so tasty, and have me craving tacos and fudge!

  6. All of those posts look awesome but that grilled banana bread has my mouth watering, haha!

  7. I love all these too. It made me really hungry and wanna make some Pasta

  8. Richelle Milar7:51 AM

    Wow! This is really making me hungry! I'm surely gonna check them out! I love this!

  9. Rose Ann Sales7:52 AM

    All of those foods looks absolutely tasty and delicious! I would really love to try them out!

  10. I've loved the Lambrusco post. I've tried it and you are right, it's amazing! I love it with pasta!

  11. These all sound like wonderful recipes. I would love to try the flounder tacos as those sound tasty.


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