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6 Must-Know Lawn Care Tips for Every Homeowner

 Lawn care is a top responsibility for every homeowner that takes pride in their property’s appearance. However, there are many lawn care tasks and tips that homeowners are unaware of. To help you out, here are six must-know lawn care tips that every homeowner should know:

1. Fertilizer Makes or Breaks a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn needs to be nourished regularly if you want it to truly flourish. With this in mind, you need to be buying top-tier fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Knowing how to properly use fertilizers is key as well, although the process is simple enough that anyone can do it. Before buying fertilizer, you should consult a fertilizer-selling employee about the type of grass at your home. They will have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction of the best fertilizer for your grass. You will need to add fertilizer to dead or struggling patches of your grass (along with grass seed) to promote healthy, thriving grass growth. Additionally, you should avoid fertilizing more than once per season, as anything more would be overkill.

2. Aerating Your Lawn is a Must

Did you know that even lawns need to breathe? If you do not aerate your soil and allow airflow below the surface to flow freely, you will have issues with weed growth and delayed grass growth. Aerating may seem complicated at first, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll start to get the hang of it. For useful tips on where to start, it can be useful to contact a trusted lawn care service in your area for help. After they show you the ropes, you’ll be an aerating pro in no time. Meanwhile, they can offer you professional lawn care services that are hard to complete on your own (and without professional equipment of your own).

3. Focus on Weed Control Year-Round

If you want your lawn to thrive, you absolutely must watch out for weeds and weed infestation at all times. Weeds grow incredibly fast, and they suck valuable nutrients away from your grass and other purposefully-planted plants to do so. Many people fail to realize how many plants are actually harmful weeds. Clover, dandelion, and other common blooming plants can actually wreak havoc on your lawn, after all. To keep your weed control tasks under control, you’ll need to do a weeding session once a month. Because of how frustrating weed control can be, this is one task that many homeowners pay lawn care services to handle. If you want a weed-free, stunning lawn in 2023, you need to take weed control seriously. Doing so will help your land retain its value for decades to come.

4. Learn How to Thatch Properly

Thatching is another lawn care task that most homeowners know nothing about. Some homeowners have likely never even heard the word thatch in their lifetimes. Thatching allows you to accumulate dead and decaying grass from your lawn. This process also has you gathering any debris, dead leaves, and other material off your lawn. Not only is thatching great for keeping your yard beautiful-looking, but it helps avoid grass rot, weed growth, and pest attraction as well. All you need is a rake to thatch with ease, as debris, dead grass, and dead leaves will come off the ground with little-to-no effort. If you want, you can even do the process by hand (although that could end up taking quite a while).

5. Overseeding Can Be Useful

To keep your lawn full and healthy, consider planting grass seeds in struggling patches every season. That being said, knowing what kind of seed to use is key. If you accidentally plant a different grass on your lawn, it can cause major lawn health issues and will end up looking very strange (not to mention it will lead to uneven grass growth cycles). When seeding, you should not be afraid of overseeding (but underseeding should be avoided). Once you’ve learned the art of grass seeding, you’ll be one step closer to having the best-looking lawn on the block.

6. Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

In addition to needing to breathe, your lawn needs to be properly watered. Quenching your grass’s thirst will allow it to grow at a steady, healthy rate, after all. Be sure to use sprinklers if possible, as this will ensure even watering technique, and will save you a ton on water costs. To save money, and to ensure the water is reaching the roots of your grass evaporating, you should water during cooler, earlier hours of the morning. 

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