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Navigate the top five places in the city of lights, Paris with these top gadgets

 Paris, the French capital, is popular as the “City of Love”. The art capital of the world has a culture that’s extremely deep-rooted in art and romanticism. Romanticism as an art emerged from Paris; it captures the artist’s emotion in every piece of art, from painting to sculptures.


The Eiffel Tower is an iconic symbol of love; Champs de Mars, the park below the tower, gives an impressive view of the landmark and is an ideal spot for a romantic evening stroll. Seine River offers beautiful sights of the city, and taking the cruise on Bateaux-Mouches might be the perfect idea of romance for you.


And lastly, take a tour of the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Pyramid and end it at Pont des Arts for the best sunset view in the city. Paris even boasts of a wall of love called le mur des je time. It has the phrase “I love you” written all over in 250 languages from around the world. 

Beneficial gadgets to experience the romantic landscape. 

Selfie Stick


A selfie stick is the best way to capture a moment without having to take help from strangers or your partner. Imagine it will get so much easier when you can get a great shot and share it online through your esim iPhone. You can capture attractive pictures in front of the wall of love without disturbing anyone else, having a moment between both of you captured for eternity. The selfie sticks are getting more compact with each passing day, and it's small enough to be carried in your pocket at all times.

Smart Watches


Smartwatch, as a handy gadget, serves as a fitness tracker too. It will count your steps, monitor your heartbeats, and will keep you on track with your fitness goals. So, take a walk hand in hand with Montparnasse, which is the most romantic well-crafted neighborhood in the city. It has everything from cafes to boutiques, from museums to art galleries lining the most popular street in Paris. 

Travel Iron


Paris as a city is classic and alluring. It is an ideal destination around the world where couples would want to spend time getting nostalgic or enjoying a romantic dinner at the Champ de Mars at night with the Eiffel Tower light shown in the background. On such occasions, the tiny little travel iron comes in handy when you want your clothes to be wrinkle-free and give yourself that perfect look. 

Portable Chargers


A portable charger is enormously useful, a tiny but powerful gadget that charges your phone, smart watches, speakers, and your headphones. Especially when on the go. So, while planning your trip to Paris, do not forget to add this gadget to your digital set. Plus, with your international sim card and full battery, you can explore Paris to its fullest. You can enjoy a long drive or a romantic sunset dinner at Seine River or even miles away and still have your phone battery intact.

Collapsible Travel Water Bottle


The reusable water bottles are compact, fit in your backpack’s side pocket, and are a must for your trip to Paris. With this, you will be saving a ton of money on water, and you will have water at all times. You save yourself from being dehydrated from all those strolls in Parisian parks and bylanes and the amazing wine-tasting trips.

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