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How To Add Fun And Flair To Your Newly Renovated Swimming Pool


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If you’ve just had a swimming pool renovation, you might be asking how you can add a little fun and flair to it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a little hard to come up with original ideas, but this post is here to help. We take a look at some quick hacks and strategies you can use that work every time. 

Interested to learn more? Well, check out our ideas below. We think you’ll love them. 

Add Some Fiber Optics

When you see fiber optics and swimming pools come together, it’s almost as if they were made for each other. These interesting lighting options immediately make backyard pools dazzle and more visually interesting, encouraging you to get in and enjoy a nice, relaxing swim. 

The cool thing about fiber optic lighting is how durable they are. You can keep the energy source a long way from the pool itself (where it’s safe), and create light shows several meters away, and even underwater. The cool thing about fiber optics is the sheer number of colors and patterns you can create. Arranging each fiber strand lets you create beautiful light mosaics to complement the ambiance you want to create, and your existing swimming pool paint

Add Some Accessories

Another way to add some fun to your newly renovated swimming pool is to equip it with various accessories. There are all sorts of options, including:-

  • Water toys

  • Pool noodles

  • Games

  • Inflatable boats

  • Floats for swimming

  • Lilos

Whenever you add, consider it a feature or a focal point, similar to what you might put in an interior. Keep accessories you add bright and beautiful, and encourage guests to use them whenever they come over. 

Add Solar Lights

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Another addition you might want to consider is solar lights, particularly if you don’t want to spend more money wiring up complicated outdoor electrical circuits. Solar lights have a solar panel and an onboard battery. During the day, the sun charges the battery, and then a sensor turns on the lights at night, using up the collected energy. 

These systems work particularly well in the summer when the bright light lasts for a greater proportion of the day. Solar lighting lets you create interesting visual patterns and gives your pool a unique ambiance in the evening that you can enjoy. 

They also have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. Apart from production, they are carbon neutral, meaning adding them to your swimming pool area isn’t going to add more CO2 to the atmosphere. 

Add LEDs

Finally, you might want to consider accessorizing your swimming pool with LEDs. These are the latest and most advanced publicly-available lighting technology and improve tremendously on previous technologies. Not only do they look great, but they also last longer and require far less power – up to 90% in some cases. 

Adding LEDs to your swimming pool is relatively easy. You can place them around the edge to light the perimeter and get water-proof versions that sit on the pool floor. Multiple colors are available, meaning there’s something for everyone.

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