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How to Take Care of Your Pearl Earrings

 Pearls are unique jewelry pieces that are made from living shelled mollusks, such as a clam, oysters, or mussels. These gemstones are incredibly rare, with only 1% of wild oysters producing pearls. Within that percentage, an even smaller fraction meets the strict criteria for the size, shape, and color of the pearls required by the jewelry industry. However, understanding the concept of proper maintenance is also important. For instance, if you have a collection of pearl earrings, it's essential to learn the right methods for cleaning them.

Pearls might get damaged or lose their luster with time. A regular cleaning routine suitable for pearl earrings may maintain them in pristine condition for many years. So, find the right cleaning products and the perfect box where you plan on keeping them. 

In case you find yourself uncertain about where to begin, here are four convenient methods to learn how to take exceptional care of your pearl earrings. 

Learn the concept of proper cleaning

Pearls are priceless pieces of jewelry, so it’s critical to have a long-term cleaning routine. They are made of nacre and may be easily destroyed by strong chemicals. The first and most important thing is to learn what cleaning products you should use and focus on mastering the right technique for cleaning. Taking care of your pearl jewelry is crucial in order to preserve its beauty and value.

For instance, if you wish to continue wearing quality pearl earrings, like Tahitian South Sea or Akoya pearls, it's important to understand how to clean them and maintain their texture. Start by applying your makeup and perfume before putting on your pearl earrings. When you're ready to take them off, use a warm, soft towel to remove any lingering face and neck oil, makeup, or perfume from the pearls. After you've finished, store them in a clean box with no other jewelry to avoid destroying the luster of the pearl. 

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Keep them in a secure box

Aside from meticulous cleaning, you should avoid storing your pearl earrings in a humid room, particularly the bathroom, since this may tarnish them faster. Keep your earrings in a soft-lined box or soft-cloth pouch with compartments and separators to keep them in good condition. A high-quality box is a fantastic investment since it keeps your costly pearl earring sets clean, protects them from moisture and repeated exposure to outside conditions, and preserves their original color. 

In fact, the global jewelry box market size was valued at $0.168 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $0.244 billion by 2030. This demonstrates how many people understand the importance of having the right jewelry box for their precious jewelry pieces. 

Allow your pearl earrings to dry 

Once you clean the earrings, make sure the set is well-dried. The reason for this is that there might still be some moisture left on them, which may easily damage the pearl’s texture. So, after cleaning the earrings, let them dry completely for an hour before storing them in the box. This ensures that all moisture evaporates completely. Additionally, remember to take off your pearl earrings before showering, swimming, sunbathing on the beach, or relaxing in the sauna.

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Prepare a pearl-cleaning kit

It's important to have a high-quality box and carefully selected cleaning supplies at home. However, because you cannot bring everything with you when traveling, the simplest way to remain prepared is to bring a small storage container and prepare a simple pearl cleaning kit. 

Put cleaning supplies like jewelry-safe cleaner suitable for pearls, a soft bristle brush and cotton for reaching into nooks, adhesive for reattaching damaged parts, nail polish to whiten the yellow parts on the pearl earrings, and polishing and drying cloths made of soft chamois leather. This way, you'll always be ready to protect the value of your pearl earrings.

Final thoughts

Regular cleaning of your pearl earrings is critical to keeping their value and beauty. When properly looked for, every set of pearl earrings will look better and last longer. Learn the cleaning process thoroughly and take your time implementing it to keep your pearl earrings collection looking as good as new. You may save money on replacing or getting new earrings if you properly care for your current sets.

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