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Does Playing Wordle Make You Smarter?


Wordle is one of the most talked about games of recent times. Humbly bragging about your good performances in it has become a new trend on social media. Solving the wordle daily in minimum attempts is a badge of pride for several users.

However, several users ask if playing wordle makes them stronger. You will know about the answer and more exciting things about the wordle and its impacts on the human brain.

Also, today's wordle was a little easy, so you might want to try that too. 

What Is Wordle, and How Many Players Play It?

Wordle is a simple word game that has been taking the world by storm recently. It is a simple game in which you guess a five-letter word in six attempts. There will be six five-letter empty rows you have to put in the letters.

The box can turn green, yellow, or black, according to the letter. For instance, if you type a letter that is not in the word, you will see a black/dark grey colored box. You will see a yellow-colored box if the letter is in the word but at a different spot. You will see a green-colored box if the letter is in the word at the exact position. You can learn more about this game by clicking here, or try the online version at Wordle Game.

How Many Players Play Wordle?

Based on daily result posts by The New York Times, under 3 million people play wordle daily. However, as per several reports, the player count has been declining continuously since The New York Times took over this game.

How to Solve Wordle Easily?

Practice might be the most practical answer to this question. The more you practice the wordles, the easier you will find it to solve them. You will keep learning new words and their meanings.

However, it is not the fastest way to solve wordles effortlessly. Only solving wordles every day can limit your learning. You will only learn a new word every day which will not help you much for the next day's wordle.

One of the most efficient ways to learn new words, solve wordles effortlessly, and expand your vocab is by using online tools like Word-Finder.com. It can help you solve wordles quickly and effortlessly. You only need to enter the good(green or yellow)/bad(dark grey/black) words in this online tool, and it will give you all the possible words.

After that, you will answer the wordles in 1-3 guesses only, which are more than enough to brag in front of your friends.

Does Playing Wordle Make you Smarter?

No, being good at wordle does not necessarily mean that you are smarter than others, or solving it makes you smarter. However, solving them can have several benefits that help you to unlock your full potential.

1) It gets your problem-solving skills going,

2) It boosts your confidence after you guess the word after 2-3 tries,

3) It activates dopamine which can positively color your day because of feelings like motivation, satisfaction, and pleasure.

On the other hand, it can also frustrate you a lot, so you might want to play it only as a game. Healthy competition can motivate you to do well, but if you keep losing, you will get frustrated and feel low.

That is why using online tools or dictionaries and learning new words is necessary. Improving and expanding your vocabulary also helps you perform better in your professional life too.

Wrapping Up

Wordle is a great game to exercise your mind from the comfort of your bed, sofa, or anywhere else. You might want to use it daily to learn new words and take some time to write them down to learn about their meanings, synonyms, and more.

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