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Halloween Scenes on Thrift Store Paintings

Our family has a long tradition of thrift store shopping.  Especially for crafting! If you go a lot, you will notice that many times there are loads of framed landscape paintings for very cheap. I saw a cute way to use those up on TikTok.  It's so simple, and a wonderful way to use up those old paintings in a sustainable way.

I am participating with a group of bloggers on this post. This group is all about finding new uses for things we already own, but perhaps don't want. Our monthly host is Julie from The Sum of our Stories. I appreciate her organization of this event each month! 

I know people complain about TikTok, but I find delightful crafting videos on it all the time. I was cruising through a bunch of Halloween videos when I saw this idea for using a thrift store painting and making it Halloween.  I wish I knew who the original crafter was so I could give him/her credit.


You will simply paint ghostly figures and pumpkins onto a thrift store painting. 

    1. Clean the painting with a soft cloth.

    2. Decide where to add your ghosts and pumpkins.

    3. Paint ghosts and pumpkins onto the painting.

        a.  If there is a tree, place a ghost peeking around it.

        b.  If there is a path, place your pumpkins on the edges.

        c.  If there are windows, place either ghosts or pumpkins there.

    4.  Let paint try completely.

    5.  Add on features with a black Sharpie.


1 painting from a thrift store

acrylic paints or watercolors



black sharpie markers.


I purchased my painting from the Dollar Tree.  I wanted to practice first before I tried a real canvas. Use acrylic paint if you want a more solid look, watercolor provides you a more see-through ghost or pumpkin.

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  1. This is such fun Terri! You did a great job. There are so many canvases similar to this in Charity shops near here, this is such a great way to use them :-)

  2. Your painting is very cute and cool, Terri! Painting ghosts on thrift store paintings has become a hot DIY trend this season! And a lot of trends eventually become traditions, don't they? Good choice!

  3. Love this upcycle! Such a good way to reuse an old painting that you didn't like.

  4. Anonymous7:54 AM

    This is a very clever and unique Halloween decoration idea! I continually try to think of ways to use old pictures I see when thrift store shopping. I absolutely love your idea of painting Halloween scenes on old landscape paintings. Truly a brilliant and very fun idea! Thanks for sharing!


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