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The Best Options To Carry Money While Traveling Overseas

 When planning international holidays, the to-do list can feel endless. From securing suitable hotel bookings to planning activities, ensuring you can safely travel and carry the money you need to pay for everything can feel like a heavy burden. The good news is that there are many ways to keep your money safe and secure, allowing you to enjoy the sights and experiences of your vacation spot. 

If you are still unsure about issues like is the Wise card good for travel or the best place to transfer money once you arrive at your holiday destination, contacting reputable financial companies who specialize in the money transfer industry will keep you well-informed and fully prepared for your next international holiday.  


Multi-Currency Travel Cards

Prepaid travel cards are a popular and safe way for travelers to carry their money while traveling abroad. Not only do they allow you to take multiple currencies at one time, ideal for vacations that may include more than one stop, but they protect users against currency transaction charges, fluctuations, and minimum transaction charges you may incur using cards at foreign ATMs. 

Many banks offer travel insurance when purchasing a travel card and extend the option to lock in the current exchange rate, helping to reduce the chances of future issues and uncertainties. 

Invest in Anti-Theft Bags

One of the best advancements in bag design has been the creation of travel-specific purses, bags, and backpacks, all specially designed to include anti-theft features like cut-proof and reinforced shoulder straps, slash-proof fabrics, and locking zippers. 

These elements do a fantastic job of deterring opportunistic criminals from targeting you, as they are specifically created to slow down thieves and give you more opportunities to be aware of your surroundings. 


If you have never heard of the term multi-stashing, it is precisely how it sounds - stashing your money in multiple safe locations. If you were to store all your money in the same wallet or handbag that was then stolen or misplaced, you would find yourself in a severe situation. 

Therefore, only carrying a small amount of cash when preparing in the morning while leaving the rest behind in a secure location is strongly recommended. Furthermore, storing your bank cards separately will mean you have a guaranteed backup should your cash or travel card be stolen or lost. For you to successfully multi-stash, finding a secure spot to store your extra funds is vital. Many hotel rooms come equipped with safes, but first, test how reliable it is before using it to store your items.


Favour On-Body Storage

Storage accessories suitable for storing money and other valuables under your clothes have come a long way since the money belt first appeared on the market. While those classics are still a popular choice for many, new inventions, including bra stashes, long johns, and undershirts with built-in pockets, are all popular innovations for safely carrying money in an inconspicuous way. 

These types of accessories are beneficial for those sleeping in locations without a secure place to keep cash and valuables. However, it is essential to note that these items are not a sufficient wallet replacement, as attempting to get money out of your clothing while out will advertise you are hiding things. 

Use Cash Alternatives

In high-traffic environments, like metro stations, bus liners, and other popular forms of public transport, many would prefer to skip cash or credit card transactions altogether and instead use tickets or other cash alternatives. 

If you find yourself in cities with multi-use transportation cards, like London’s Oyster card or the Netherlands OV chipkaart, or where you can buy multiple tickets at once for a discounted price, a feature of the Paris Metro, you should take advantage. You will reduce your chances of losing your wallet and can keep it safely stowed away while in busy environments. 

Avoid Unauthorised Money Changers

While traveling overseas, especially in cities that are popular tourist destinations, you will encounter many unauthorized money changers, many of whom are subtly skilled at stealing money during every exchange transaction. 

Many of these traders gain customers by promising better exchange rates than licensed establishments. However, to avoid the likelihood of falling victim to this industry, seek out trusted and authorized companies who will transfer your money safely and securely, albeit at a higher rate. 

Keep Small Bills On-Hand

While changing and withdrawing large amounts of money at one time will minimize the amount of fees you have to pay on each transaction, it will also mean you are forced to carry far more cash than you may feel comfortable with. This can make you a prime target for pickpocketers. 

Therefore, it is a smart decision to make smaller denominations of cash readily available while out and about to use on food, souvenirs, or entry fees. Larger bills should be safely stored in money pouches or a hidden location in your bag. 


Research Local Money Culture

When preparing to pay your way on vacation, it is worthwhile doing research into the cash economy of your destination. While having cash on hand is still necessary for many holiday activities and special treats, more and more cities are turning to cash-free business models, which could put you in a difficult position should your credit card or debit card not be compatible. 

The preferred form of payment will differ depending on the country you visit, and knowing your options before you leave will allow you to be fully prepared for any occasion.

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