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Best Chinese Tea from iTea World

There are times in my life when only a cup of tea will do.

I love tea.  I love creating my own blends, the ritual of making them and using my Grandmother Lorraine's china tea cups.  I have been thinking about tea a lot lately, as hot chocolate isn't quite it for the season. I have decided my time for tea is the fall.

And, for the best news of all, there is a promotion on Classic teas from October 13-20. It's a fantastic promotion, buy one get one free!  When you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive a $4.99 discount off shipping as well.  You mustn't miss this great opportunity to save on the best teas in the world.

Best Chinese Tea

I believe fall makes a beautiful time for tea as this is when harvesting takes place and all the ingredients are now available in abundance.   I am also excited about working with my new tea partner, iTeaWorld. I believe the best Chinese tea comes from iTeaWorld.

Authentic Chinese tea is difficult to find. What makes iTeaWorld special is that you can order the best selection from the source of high-quality tea makers. Tea is eco-friendly.   I will share a large variety of loose teas to choose from and a tea bread recipe I created with iTeaWorld teas.

iTeaWorld has been in business for 15 years.  They own more than 6,000 wild tea trees and more than 2,000 old tea trees that are over 100 years old! They pride themselves on making beautiful teas at an affordable price.  

iTeaWorld provides sustainable practices and conservation. They reduce energy consumption and use eco-friendly, tapeless packaging. Their packaging is also recyclable.  

 Using the best farming practices, iTeaWorld ensures that no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or synthetic toxins are in their products. The teas are safe, high-quality organic tea. Their goal is to contribute to the recovery and development of the ecological environment of China.

iTeaWorld oolong teas and black teas are made from high-quality fresh tea leaves. Among the 4 oolong teas, 3 come from high mountain tea garden, and 1 comes from old tree tea garden. Among the 4 black teas, 2 are from high mountain tea gardens, one is from an abandoned tea garden, and one is from wild tea trees.

The tea you purchase is a high-quality, loose-leaf tea. You can choose by flavor profiles, the type of tea, and the benefit you receive from the tea.  Flavor profiles you can consider are floral, sweet, fruity, smoky, clean and refreshing, and roasted.  The type of teas you can choose from are oolong teas, black teas, and green teas, each with its own fragrance.  Benefits you may be interested in include restoration, stress relief, digestion, and wellness.

Types of Teas found at iTeaWorld

Best Chinese oolong tea

Oolong tea is a beautiful tea grown in both high mountain ranges and old tea trees. Mountain teas have dramatic changes in temperature between day and night. Old trees are picked once a year and have ample growing space between trees. Oolong tea brews at 95-100F and for about 100 seconds in the tea bag.  Oolong teas make delicious iced teas, like the Peach Iced Tea.  Oolong teas have a flavor profile of fruity and floral. Fenghuang Dancong oolong may be the most fragrant with floral and honey notes.

Best Chinese black tea

Black teas come in a large array of floral, honeyed, sweet, and smoky flavors. Cultivated in diverse gardens, black teas come from high-altitude tea gardens, abandoned tea gardens, and wild tea trees.

Black teas are brewed at 90-100 F and steeped for around 100 seconds in the bag. Click on the links below to find out more about the black tea you like best. 

The best black tea is the Yunnan tea, with honeyed notes and the strongest flavor of the black teas. You can hone in on your favorite by trying black teas from all the different sources of black teas such as those cultivated in diverse garden types: modern high-altitude tea gardens, abandoned tea gardens, and wild tea tree gardens.  Also, look at the different geographical environments to round out your favorite tea flavor profile.

Favorite Tea Blends

I love to mix my own tea blends, starting with a good oolong tea. I use the tea in the bag and add my favorites to the tea, then steep according to the oolong tea directions. All the other ingredients are measured with my heart. Steep these teas as you would for the tea in the recipe. The other ingredients will be subtle yet distinguishable.  

Blend 1.  
Oolong, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon and honey

Blend 2.
oolong, hibiscus, rose hips, dandelion root, orange peel 

Blend 3.
oolong, blackberry, vanilla, cloves

Blend 4.
oolong, vanilla, lavender

Blend 5.
oolong, lavender, lemon

Blend 6. 
oolong, mint, lavender

Tea Bread Recipes

I make this bread using tea as the liquid. The tea flavor is subtle but definitely there.  You can reduce the tea to make a flavoring that works well, too.  Reducing the tea concentrates the flavor, so you need less liquid in the recipe overall.  You can find other tea bread recipes below!

Tea breads are typically found in English tea services. If you'd like a more authentic Chinese snack, consider serving your tea with a nuts plate that includes peanuts, sunflower seeds, fruits, and candied plums. You may find simple cookies and cakes, like green bean cake, served as well. Often people choose not to eat anything with tea, except in the morning. Various cultures seem to have differing traditions with teas and food.  Fresh fruit plates are also popular and quite beautiful as well.  Some unique dishes include dried meats, boiled taro, Chinese puddings, and yum cha.  A beautiful platter can be made with nuts, red potato chips, and Chinese cookies.  Don't forget to include the nuts!

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