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Sweet Batter Bread Master Recipe: Pumpkin Sweet Batter Bread

 October is National Cookbook Month!  Even though recipes are all over the internet, relying on a cookbook to house my favorite recipes is the way to go.  I love looking through old cookbooks and seeing my favorite recipes.  Some of my all-time favorite cookbooks are those my church made and for which we submitted recipes.  

This year I am going to share a recipe from a new favorite cookbook: Baker Bettie's Better Baking Book.  It is written by Kristin Hoffiman, the star behind the TikTok and Instagram series known as Baker Bettie.  Kristin is a trained chef and baking educator, which shines through in the way that this cookbook is organized and the recipes she shares with us.

Baker Bettie doesn't only give you recipes, she tells you the science behind baking, why ingredients do what they do, and the reasons behind precise measurements, and more.  She makes things easy and interesting. She tells stories and I love her stories! 

Sweet Batter Bread Master Recipe

Kristin developed these recipes and tested them over and over, and I am not about to copy her work and give it to you here.  However, I want to share with you some of her thoughts about baking.  She uses this batter as her go-to starting point for her muffin and quick bread recipes.  After that, you can create your recipes adding in what you think will taste yummy.  She notes that muffins are baked at a higher temp than a full loaf because the higher heat evaporates the liquid in the batter more quickly.  How's that for a bit of science in baking?

I took Kristin's sweet batter recipe and added my own ingredients for this Pumpkin Sweet Batter Bread.  If you make it, make it yours!  Add chocolate chips, orange zest, nuts or pumpkin seeds!

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    1. Jolene11:09 AM

      Love Baker Bettie, definitely need to check this book out!

    2. I agree, church cookbooks always have such amazing recipes. I love looking at mine and remembering the women who shared their recipes through the years. This bread sounds like the perfect breakfast for this fall!


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