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Resources for Veterans to Know About

 Serving your country is one of the most honorable decisions you can make. The armed forces require a huge sacrifice of their members, and often, readjusting to civilian life can be a major challenge. In some cases, you may have plenty of practical skills that you are uncertain about how they will translate to a normal job. Perhaps you are struggling with mental health issues or even a physical injury after your service. 

Either way, it is up to the government and the people of this country to thank you for your service, even if it may fall short at times. If you have served in the armed forces, then there are many resources available only to you to support you in the next stage of life. Let’s dive into some of these resources in case you are facing financial, physical, or emotional challenges. 

Career and Educational Counseling

As a veteran or even an active-duty service member, you have access to some resources that civilians do not. One of these resources is the Department of Veterans Affairs and its many programs. One of these programs is focused on helping those who serve in the military find a career path when they return home. To this end, you can receive free career and educational counseling through the VA. This resource could be vital as you search for a way to apply the skills you have learned in the military in a civilian role. If you want to continue your education, then this counseling can also help you find the right path. 

Health Support

Many veterans struggle with both physical and mental ailments after their service is done. They may have acquired a service-related injury or are experiencing stressors connected to post-traumatic stress disorder. These challenges can make life incredibly difficult, especially when you add in other factors like struggling to find a job or re-integrate into society. Fortunately, there are many organizations dedicated to supporting veterans and their health struggles. Missions 22 is one example that is leading the charge in this arena, but the VA also has a vast network of resources that veterans can seek out for support. 

Disability Benefits

Even if veterans have the opportunity to return home safely, they often have paid the price in the form of service-related injuries or illnesses. These issues often make the transition to civilian life even harder while impacting their future. If you have a service-related injury/illness, or your previous condition was worsened during your time of service, then you have the right to claim VA disability benefits. These tax-free monthly payments can help cover your medical and personal expenses for years to come. Depending on your disability rating, which is a percentage between 0 and 100, you could receive anything from a few hundred dollars to over four thousand dollars every month. 

VA Home Loans

Owning a home is part of the American Dream for many individuals in this country, and veterans are no different. The Department of Veterans Affairs seeks to make that dream a reality by ensuring VA loans through certain lenders so that veterans, active-duty service members, and surviving spouses have an easier time affording a house. With a lower VA loan down payment, lower interest rates, and no mortgage insurance premiums, houses are more affordable if you fall into one of these categories. Contact a VA-approved lender if you are looking into buying a house and taking advantage of a VA mortgage to do so. 


In some cases, older veterans can take advantage of VA pension programs to receive stable income when they might not otherwise. Although you have to meet many requirements to receive this financial benefit, it would be a huge weight off your shoulders if you qualify and are over the age of 65. The program is needs-based and only available to wartime veterans who are 65 or older or those who have a permanent and non-service-connected disability. If you are housebound and require the help of a caregiver, then you could qualify for the special monthly pension as well, which provides greater benefits. 

Let Our Country Thank You As Best We Can

While the sacrifice you have made to serve in the armed forces of the United States can never be repaid, there are ways that society and the government can express their gratitude to you. The programs and benefits listed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more that can support veterans as they acclimate to civilian life. Do your research to discover all the resources that are available to veterans so that they can make life a little easier.

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