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Tips to Become a Better Event Planner in Chester County, PA

 Humans are designed to enjoy each other’s company. Very few people can thrive without human connection, which is why we rely so heavily on friends and family for care and support. Some of your best memories likely stick in your mind because of who was with you when you experienced them, such as a wedding, a first house for the family, or a memorable vacation. 

One way that we strengthen our bond with others is by gathering for an event. An event can be as small as a private dinner with some friends, or it can be as large as a destination wedding. If you live in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and you want to become a better event planner, then you are in the right place.

Planning events may seem simple, but there are often more decisions to be made than you would think. Will there be food? Is there a theme? Who is coming? What will we do? Where will we go? Are guests bringing supplies or food with them? When you face too many questions, it can be helpful to have a guide on how to plan events more effectively. 

Determine the Purpose

The most important aspect of planning an event is determining the purpose. Is it merely to socialize with friends or family? Are you celebrating a professional milestone for an individual? Is there a family addition that is the focus of the event? Is the intent to raise money for a specific cause? The purpose of the event will determine how all the other factors play out, so make sure you have a specific vision for why you are gathering.

Choose a Location That Supports the Purpose

Now you need to decide where the event should be held. If it is a small enough gathering, then your backyard will be perfectly sufficient, though you will want to make sure the grass is mowed or the leaves are raked. If the numbers are beyond the capacity of your property, should the event take place at a park? Perhaps you could rent some timber frame pavilions in a local park to provide shelter for a company picnic or an extended family outing. If the purpose of the gathering does not match the venue, it could make for a less enjoyable atmosphere. 

Decide on the Menu and Who Will Provide Food

Food can be the cornerstone of a great event. If guests are pleased with the food and drinks that are provided, then they can easily relax and enjoy each other’s company. This is why you need to create a menu for your events ahead of time. Is the event going to be casual so some simple appetizers would suffice? Is this a dinner party with multiple courses that should all follow the same theme? Are there enough people for a potluck event where everyone brings a dish to pass? Is the event big enough that a local caterer should handle the menu while you focus on other aspects of the event? Coming up with a food plan well before the event will create a smoother experience for both you and your guests. 

Never Overlook Entertainment

There are plenty of times when gathering simply to catch up with each other is the way to go. However, the last thing you want is for your guests to be bored while attending the event. This is especially important if there will be kids at the gathering. Figuring out some entertainment options will be crucial for a memorable day or night. Perhaps some yard games can be put out during a barbecue to keep people occupied as the food cooks. Some group games can work well with the right group. If you are planning a larger event in Chester County, PA, like a corporate gathering or fundraiser, then it might make sense to host a talent show or hire some live performance artists to thrill the guests. Remember to focus on entertainment, especially for longer events, so that everyone can have a pleasant experience, whether they just want to chat or need to get some energy out. 

Plan So You Can Enjoy the Event Too

Planning an event that everyone will enjoy means exactly that. EVERYONE should enjoy it, including you. Too often, event hosts get caught up in accomplishing their hosting tasks during the event and they end up missing out on fun memories or meaningful connections with others. The point of planning an event well is so that your guests and you can enjoy the experience together. Address all the previous steps ahead of time, finish your planning stage, and leave room to relax during the event so that everyone who attends can enjoy your company as well.

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